January 11th, 2003

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so when i get better...

i will try to appreciate it.

because being sick SUCKS.

as tbq says, that is all.
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After feeling very depressed and unloved and neglected and lonely, I feel happy. Caleb finally came over and offered the good TLC of a friend. I am actually starting to feel better but I really appreciated being taken care of. He gave me a hot water bottle, tea with honey, hot towel for my face, gave me a popsicle... it was nice. We watched "Trading Spaces" and then about an hour of Indian Jones & The Last Crusade. At this point I seem to be able to breath without it hurting or being some monstrous effort, so that's good. My nose seems to be clearing up as well. I just hope I can sleep tonight, as every day I seem do be doing well until I hit the bed. Let me just keep my fingers crossed!
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