January 12th, 2003

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A long last...

...not only am I started to really feel better,

BUT last night I got the energy together to complete the very belated posting of my last VC spec, Sapientia. Should have been posted last summer when I finished it, but I was so into other things and at 35 chapters, it was going to take a push for me to do it, but I DID it and so here it is, pathos and slash and Latin quotes and all:

Sapientia (Wisdom)
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My Soft Gooey Center

For those of you who might think I'm never anything but cynical, I would like to freely admit that tonight ONCE AGAIN, watching "Miracle Pets" on PAX has made me cry. The entire show just makes me bust into tears and not figurative tears either, but sloppy tears. I just start blubbering over it.

I can't really explain it except to say that I really, really loved my dog Taffy growing up and to hear stories of people whose lives have been changed by their pets love or protection or compansionship just busts me apart.

On a related note, one time I was home and my family had put in Homeward Bound for my nieces and nephews and coming in on the last 20 minutes, I started crying and could hardly watch because that golden retriever looks so much like Taffy... who's been gone 9 years now but is certainly not forgotten. In fact, here is a picture in her memory.

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