January 15th, 2003

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My 21st Birthday

OK, so I'm not 21, but going through my computer last night, I found my diary entry from August 22, 1995 (yes, do the math) and thought hey, here's a day worth sharing, sort of... especially if I can add commentary and explanation!

august 22: woke up to my birthday feeling exhausted and sort of sick. had shower, dressed, and ate. tried to print out revised memo but tom had used up all the ink in my printer cartridge.

This was the summer between sophomore and junior year at UMass. My brother Tom had been teaching out at some school in Stockbridge but suddenly quit, due to issues that came up with management, and suddenly he was home, wrecking my aloneless (well, besides my parents, that is). All my diary entries about him show me as pretty ticked off. Odd thing is, I had forgotten he was even there that summer.

went to sullivan square with mom and tom, road with tom until haymarket, then got green to kenmore

Yes, this is Boston. I had an unpaid 2-day-a-week internship at the Boston Phoenix, working for the editor of 1 in 10 and Supplements. Their offices were a block from Fenway Park.

brookline avenue smelled bad, really bad, and they ripped up the road surface, too. got to work and did nothing for around an hour,

That internship involved a lot of doing nothing, have to say...

when robert had me weed through the books and put the shelves in order.

I did do some important stuff. (Well, actually seriously, I did do two articles, includes a very large feature.)

finished that and started letter to carolyn, and then robert told me to alphabetize a folder for him and work on another sidebar. started on that and them mark came up to me and asked me if i could mind the phones while he went to lunch. said ok and ended up sitting by the main phones for around 45 minutes and getting only a couple of calls.

Surprised I don't mention this, but those 45 minutes must have been terrifying, as I'm phobic about phones. This was the same job that required me to do things like call every club in Boston/Cambridge and ask them their hours, cover, special nights. Thank God many of those places don't answer phones during the day.

went back to my place and worked on sidebar for a while, had lunch at counter, printed out my work, and waited for robert. and waited. and waited. finally it was 4:30 and he wasn't back, so despite the fact that i wanted to say goodbye,

(it was my last day there)

in the end i just left my memo and my sidebar and that bizarre book called bodyscapes with all the nude landscapes and pubic hair bushes.

WTF? I don't remember that at all! LOL... well, not specifically... God, I did see some awesome book that summer, since Robert was in charge of the books supplement and 1 in 10 also got a lot of free books. (This is how I got the pre-published version of Memnoch The Devil.)

took usual route to north station and got on steamy car to ballardvale.

This is part of Andover, my home town. Used to be its own village.

dad picked me up and told me that robert called to say goodbye and carolyn called for my birthday. i did a few things at home and then mom and dad gave me my present, which was a hand-held tape recorder.

This was for my reporting work.

unfortunately it used those mini-cassettes i don't like, so i had to tell them i was returning it.

I remember going to Lechmere later and committing the faux pas of taking extra money I maid on the return to buy my dad's birthday present. Well, at least Dad wasn't there.

and then we drove to china blossom for a big chinese buffet dinner.

China Blossom is a great Chinese place in North Andover. It was always my "treat" place.

after that i was in a good mood. got home and did variety of things, including talking to mom, reading old files, playing solitaire, etc.

Every entry for this whole summer mentions playing solitaire, apparently for hours. How SAD! I guess you can tell, there was no Internet in my life then!

got a call from carolyn around 11 basically telling me to go to grad school and start the desperate search for a husband to bear my seed and take chemistry so i can work out in illinois next summer. i have to write her a letter and tell her to stop it with this boyfriend thing because it really irks me.

No kidding. Ironically it now seems Carolyn is the only one in my family who has any understanding of where I'm at in my lifel. Back then though, she was still giving me dumb advice. (Learn chemistry? What?!)

played around with computer for rest of night, more or less.

How things do NOT change!!!!!

...Hmmm, this turned out to be instructive, no?
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Me --> England

It's official!

Just got my tickets to visit Storm Constantine in England this May! I can't believe it. I'll be there a week. On the "agenda": Reiki training, writing talk, sightseeing, roaming the countryside, drinking, buying nice English shampoo... La la la... I can't believe it!

More details to come...
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From my inbox

I think this is a variation on that whole African spam scam...

To: gtriweb@gtri.gatech.edu
Subject: Project


I am Mr Brainreth Mills.the bill and exchange director at the

I am writing this letter to solicit for support and assistance
from you to carry out this business opportunity in my department.
Lying in an inactive account is the sum of
Thirty Million United States Dollars($30,000,000.00)belonging
to a foreign customer(MrSteanly Heard),the former
President(Bill Clinton's personal physician) and
Chairman of the National Chiropractic Health Care
Advisory Committee who happens to be deceased.....

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About a half hour ago, I went downstairs to get some pretzels from the vending machine and suddenly I realized I'M NOT SICK ANYMORE! Yay! My chest not only is free of respiratory bug, but it seems to be free of the usual stress/poison it's filled with. Must be that I didn't work al last week. Who knows. Whatever. Just let me say THANK YOU!
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Who is this Trojan wasting MY time? Argh!

Came home to find a window popped up on my computer screen (computer is on since I it won't turn off... never mind) saying I have this virus and there's a link saying what it is. A Trojan. I look it up and see that this thing could let somebody crack my machine and take all my file, do whatever. Just great... great...

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