January 16th, 2003

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How bizarre, how bizarre

I used to spend a lot of time on conceptually bizarre web sites -- like in both concept AND looks. Don't see so much of that nowadays. But then today I got a treat. I was on the Web Sites That Suck web site and they accused this one of sucking. I mean, hey, true, it's not useful or pretty but hell, it's enjoyable, at least for people like me who miss this sort of thing.

Anyway, all suspense aside, go to http://www.peepo.com and I recommend CLICK THE DONUT! Other links will take you to God knows what, I'm at work right now and can't find out because I think it's weird games. Or more weird pictures. I love that donut bit thought.
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sideview, obamame_sideview

I'm going to be in pictures... well... kind of

This is an ACTUAL memo I was given tonight by security staff at my building tonight. I think this is the definition of high class meets low class:

404-222-0050 FAX 404-222-0910
To: Healey tenants
From Management Office
Date: 1/16/03
Re: Filming

Please be advised that there will be a film crew in the lobby of the Healey building on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, January 17,18, and 19, 2003.

The producers of the movies "Dumb and Dumber I & 11" will be filming a pre-quel. This movie will date back to when the main characters of the previous movies were in high school. The Healey will be used as the setting for a natural history museum.
Most of the film will be shot in the atrium section of the lobby. Only one brief scene will be shot at the area by the elevators.

The film crew don't expect that you will be inconvenienced as you enter and exit the building. However, a certain times of the day, a few of you may be asked to wait a minute or two before you may enter or exit the building. This is to prevent interference with the filming.

On Friday, Jan. 17th after 6:00pm they will only be setting up the cameras and stage sets. On Saturday and Sunday from 7:30am to 7:30 pm filming will be in progress.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation and we apologize for any inconvenience.

Um, WHAT?! LOL, that is so funny. Well, not the movie surely but hell, the concept of it. Too bad our condo association still isn't together yet (we need to get 85% sold) or we'd have pocked the fee from the movie producers. As it is, our fat cat development company Ultima will get it.

Now for those who are wondering where I live that people would be using it as a stand-in for a natural history museum, here are some links to pages in the Downtown photo database showing the lobby as well as an arial shot:

From Above (the White Building
Main Entrance
Lobby Shot 1
Lobby Shot 2
...and my favorite thing: The Rotunda Shot 1 and Shot 2

Oh, and this is the building's sales web site: http://www.healeycondo.comM
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