January 18th, 2003

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Bush's War Against Women

WARNING: The following LJ post features Wiebke up on her soapbox. END WARNING

I've posted about this before, even emailed friends, but still, I can't restrain myself from once again, posting some coverag of what seems to be a blatant attempt to strip women of their reproductive rights. The frightening thing is, as blatant as all this has been, it's almost like a stealth attack since we're all busy being worried and agitated over other things like war, terrorism, the economy, cloned babies...

I wonder when we will all wake up. Maybe when abortion is illegal again?

Looks like it will be soon, from the look of things.

And that's not all...

Read this NY Times editorial and find out more about...

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For more info and ways to react to this, visit www.naral.org, NARAL.
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