January 19th, 2003

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So professional it's eerie

[Pardon my language, get a little carried away here, he he]

Yesterday after work I decided HELL I am going to get my own business going, FUCK this working for other people shit. Not that I quit or anything... or plan on doing so right away... but I have just HAD IT and have decide no more procrastination, I just need to get my act together and do what it takes to get going on my own.

So today, after encouraging chats from not only Storm but Mercredi, who both said GO FOR IT, I got down to the business of business. This meant facing up to what for me is like cryptonite is to Superman: yep, you guessed it, paperwork :( But I DID do it, happy to say. I went through all my client records, company record, deposits, receipts, etc. and took them out their accordion folders and boxes and put them all in hanging folders while cleaning out all the crap. I should now have a pretty easy time putting stuff together for taxes and also actually access the files in future for further updating and organizing. All told this operation took me probably 4 hours, maybe more, and it was like dental work but I got through it, VERY happy to say!

Now I'm on to the next phase of my project, which is to do the unthinkably professional and organized thing of creating consistent client records, so I can go to one place and find out what my bill rate is, when their domains expires, what their server FTP info is, etc. Originally I was thinking of doing a Word doc for each, just listing everything out, so I'd have a "client fact sheet," the I thought about an Excel spreadsheet, but then something made me go "Oh, no wait... I could do it in ACCESS!" I think I thought of this only because I was tinkering with ColdFusion but HELL, I don't care, it was a good idea. I started building my database and though I am no genius, it's going well. I've built an initial table and am working with my own custom-designed form, then as I test it out, I think of new fields. Tomorrow I have to add around 20 more fields in. Then I'm going to write queries. Imagine -- I'll have a query where if I type the domain, I can find out when it expires or I can find out what the FTP info is -- no more having to look it up on paper or in an old email or online -- I have my own tool! BWAHAHAHAHA! I will be MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE!

Ahem. Anyway. You get the idea. I don't like BIZZZZNESS stuff, but at least I can get excited when I know I'm doing stuff that will make things easier for me... and more possible for me to say FUCK YOU to work I don't want to do.
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