January 21st, 2003

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Dawning Realization

I finally realized what's driving my love affair with my increasingly unruly blond/orange/brown fading dye job shag haircut. I keep wearing it all messy, even not washing it sometimes, and thinking "Wow, it looks so cool how it's really light blond on the ends and then orange and then reddish brown, then brown, like flames, and chunky, shaggy..." Thing is, that kind of wildness has never really been my scene or at least not for a while. Sure, I used to dye my hair bright red and spike it up with gel and spray, but that was more organized even, whereas this is more chaotic. And compared to having worn it long in 1920s Louis Brooks type style for two years, this is just crazy.

Anyway, finally today I realized why I'm so into this look: I think I look kind of like Cal from the Wraeththu books. Jeeeez, how truly sad. Ha. True though, now that I think of it. And I looooove Cal -- darn, he is hot stuff and has more charisma that 20 other character piled together. And if he was me, he'd have my hair ;)

I promise to post some pics later, BTW. Took some the other night after chatting with Storm, Gabby, Lou and Taylor, all of whom wanted to see my hair (we were talking about hair at 1 a.m., OK?). Maybe I should ask Storm (Cal's "mother") if she thinks I have "Cal hair."

All that said, I'm thinking of getting a slight trim sometime this week, also dying it blond again, restarting the roots. I shall see...
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Something in the air

I don't know what it is, but there is something NASTY in the air lately, allergy-wise. My eyes are burning so bad and last three mornings I've woek with them stuck shut almost. I wish I could pluck out my eyeballs, dunk them in Bactine, then pop them in again. Yikes. Got some artificial tears, which soothes them somewhat, but ow! does this suck. Especially not good for being at the computer either, since that encourages dry unblinking eyes. BAH!
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