January 24th, 2003

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it's so cold...

...i'm at work typing with gloves on, wearing 2 sweaters with my jacket draped over my knees.

if it's like this in georgia, don't want to think about elsewhere.

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kitty memorial

yesterday my ex-coworker thespian's 6-year-old cat suddenly died. she put up some posts about it. they are sad but a great tribute. poor kitty and poor thespian. if you a masodchist, go read...
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Rats in the toilet!

OK, not MY toilet (they'd have to be quite enterprising to get up to my floor) but that's a grabbing headline, isn't it?

To read about this urban legend that REALLY happened, right here in Georgia, go to:

Personally, I don't think I would have killed the things. Probably would have figured out a way to capture them and stuck them in a bag or pillowcase, then I don't know, let them out somewhere (he he, in my case, the Secret of Nimh-like rat catacombs over at Five Poitns). But hell, I DEFINITELY would have screamed a girly scream!
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