January 25th, 2003

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The Most Beautiful New Village

My friend Caleb designs neighborhoods, towns, parts of cities. It's his job. Last year the company he works for got a contract with Green Street Properties, founded an owned by none other than Charles Brewer, the founder of Mindspring, who sold out his share while the getting was good, has a lot of money, vision and lot of passion and has decided he's going to build neighborhoods. He's not messing around either. For his first project, he's building a whole new village on the site of an old industrial site near I-20, Ormewood Park, East Atlanta, etc. Called Glenwood Park, it's a neo-urbanist's wet dream, built the way they used to build Victorian suburbs and offering a wonderful mix of historic building types, everything from townhouses to detached 19th century style homes to apartments and condos, plus lots of traditional style retail, school and lovely parks. There are sidewalks and lovely streetlights, and the streets have a lovely pattern and even have real names. Caleb has said that if the development had a train station next to it, he'd live there. So might I. It's really fantastic and when it's built, nobody is going to believe it -- "This is in Atlanta?" "This is new?" "Somebody built an old village?" "Can I move NOW?" Anyway, I've been hearing about it and seeing the plans for months, but now the web site is up, and it's one of the best I've seen and worth sharing: http://www.glenwoodpark.com.

This message has been brought to you purely out of my own enthusiasm and I swear nobody paid me to say all that. It is just SO nice.
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The Two Sides of Leonard Nimoy

Well, since Morrigan seemed to get a kick out of it and I wanted to share this with some Outworlders folks anyway, here is more on that 1968 Leonard Nimoy album, The Two Sides of Leonard Nimoy. First off, the album art dates perfectly:



Next, though I don't have the lyrics (and am not going to bother finding them), the song titles pretty much tell the story:

Side 1 ("Mr. Spock"):
1 - Highly Illogical
2 - The Difference Between Us
3 - Once I Smiled
4 - By Myself
5 - Follow Your Star
6 - Amphibious Assault

Side 2 ("Leonard Nimoy")
1 - The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins
2 - Cotton Candy
3 - Gentle On My Mind
4 - Miranda
5 - If I Were A Carpenter
6 - Love of the Common People"

Finally, something I sort of suspected I'd find, a web page devoted to the album, although *SIGH!!!!* the audio links don't work :(

The Two Sides of Leonard Nimoy

Now I gotta go put this on the turnable...
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