January 26th, 2003


sleepy sacred sunday

i suppose i'm allowed, but it's sunday, 2:30 and i've done nothing but laze about all day. of course the vicious cramps i'm having might have something to do with that. every time i feel better, i get up and picked up the bedroom some more, but in another half an hour, i start to feel them again and go lie down to read, doze. got a good book at least, one of the last storm constantine's novels i've yet to read, sign for the sacred. it's got me in a quite a grip, magical. but i'm so tired, it's eerie. i wonder if coffee would help or just make me more cramped than i am now. ugh.... lazy sunday is normal, but not for me. normally i'm always up to something. alas, time to pick up a bit more while i still can keep my eyes open.
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"Sacred" Quotes

I've been reading Sign for the Sacred on and off all day and just now got up to the half-way point, as usual with Storm Constantine'ss books, I'm completely sucked in and my head's whirling with connections I see to existing myths, cultures, other books of hers, plus speculations for what's going to happen... and then on top of that, this last chapter has had a couple of quotes that just POPPED at me.

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