January 28th, 2003


The sacrifices we make

I realized how much I was into the book I'm reading when this morning I forsook the morning hot coffee/chocolate I so desperate craved because on the subway holding a cup of hot liquid and reading a book are mutually incompatible. Also, once I got off the subway, I kept my gloves in my pockets despite the cold because wearing gloves impedes page-turning. Ut oh. Dangerously obsessed. I should move this thing off my desk and hide it in my bag or else I may find myself sneaking looks at it.
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I want to see...

...The Pianist and City of God.

Sometime soon, I should take this WANT and make it reality.

I swear, I NEVER manage to make it to see movies I hear aobut. Maybe two years later I'll happen upon them by accident, like in a video store, but the whole "you MUST see this in the next two weeks or it'll be out of the theater" thing is just annoying. I DO want to see it in the theater, but the theatrical runs are so SHORT on some movies. Even big movies (well except LotR or something), since the shorter run they have, the faster they can put it out in some remastered "director's cut" DVD... Damn.
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