January 30th, 2003

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OK, dream analyzers...

...forget trying to analyze this one, as I think it can easily be concluded that *this* particular dream is nothing more than my brain using up some extra juice it had and randomly inventing stuff:

I dreamt that I was looking at the dictionary.com definition of nascent and had discovered that one of its meaning was something unusual: A cow, goat or other type of livestock animal born during a good season that, while new and healthy, is sacrified as a sign of Man's humble status under God. There was then some sort of specific reference to ancient Hebrew law.

I woke up at 5:30 with this is my head, but since I don't get up until 7, I just thought about it, seared the memory to my brain, wrote it down on the bedside sticky notes, and went to bed.

When I woke up, dictionary.com did not offer the Biblical law term as a definition :(

If anybody does find a definition for nascent that matches that, let me know...
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FINALLY I get my appointment

I had a follow-up visit with my doctor today and as soon as we went in the exam room, he asked me if I'd been able to see the other doctor he'd referred me to. "Why no actually..." I explained, telling him how I'd called in SEVEN times to speak with Lorraine in referrals, to no apparent success. So he calls this Lorraine person in and says, "Wendy here says she's called in seven times..." and what do I find out, after all that calling and her promising to call me back when she was less busy, being put on hold FOREVER, etc.? Well, turns out she got me an appt. already -- for Jan. 23. Gee, that HELPS, doesn't it, especially when nobody ever TOLD me. And this isn't a case of me not checking my voice mail, as I check at least once a dance, even at WORK. Anyway, so after my doctor gets me fixed up (more bc pills, plus I squeezed him for some Allegra) and takes me to Lorraine to schedule a new appointment. She couldn't get through to the office so she did some other patients. Altogether I had to wait around 25 minutes before she was able to get me an appt., about three weeks from now :( Communication, lest it be forgotten, is very important! I mean, I don't have anything painful or (I hope) degenerative, but you don't schedule a patient with an appt. and not tell them.
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Fan mail

So today I got a thank you from the Nick Pagan, keyboardist for The Changelings. While doing some "ego surfing," he came across the review of their album Astronomica in the current edition of Inception. Nick was like THANK YOU! and praised my prose and good taste :)

Speaking of Inception, the Winter 2003 edition is coming out by the end of the weekend, once I've got all the gruntwork, plus my own contributions, completed. Going to be the biggest edition yet. My, but does Storm have cool fans.
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Oh no... Oh yes...

Had my first meeting with the lead developer on the "Project Planning Tool" my department is going to be building for GTRI "by the end of the fiscal yeah." Two and a half hours of explanation, mainly extremely scary system requirements, user needs, interface requirements. Have NO clue how it can be done but guess what, I have to figure it out. Whoo hoo! This could turn out to be even MORE fun the accounting application I got to work on last winter.

(For those of you unfamiliar with sarcasm: Amazing you're still bothering to read anything I write here, as it's a standard.)
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