January 31st, 2003


Ted, Mouth of the South

Time Warner or no, PC or not, I have a big soft spot for Ted Turner. Mainly because, as this article puts it, "In America's flattened, blow-dried culture, Turner stands out like a one-man Mount Rushmore." Also, he has done a TON for Atlanta, esp. Downtown, which goodness knows needs all the help it can get.


BTW, I pass by Ted's penthouse every single day -- he converted an old office building to have a 2-story penthouse, is putting a restaurant in the bottom and purportly is moving in the Turner Foundation into the office floors. My neighbors see him around and my best friend sees him out the window, since he lives across the street. I still have not spotted him.
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Fav Actors

A while back, almostnever posted a movie survey that was great but just a bit too difficult for me to complete (too hard picking favorites!). I keep wanting to do something movie-related, so when I noticed this Note in my MS Outlook showing my favorite actors, I thougth AHA! Here is my list along with a few notes (which in some cases will really help):

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