February 1st, 2003

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Deja vu

I was about to go to coffee as usual when I flicked on CNN. Hmmm. Something breaking up in the skies over Texas. "Funny, that looks just like when Challenger blew up." (I got that as breaking news too, since I was home from school that morning.) And then I found out what it was really. I guess first impressions are not always wrong.
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Embracing What I Have

Yesterday I was leafing through the current edition of Southern Voice, Atlanta (and the Southeast's) queer* newsweekly, and came across an editorial that grabbed my attention. Titled "Baby or not on 'queer time'," the article was one woman's musings on how in contrast to years past (thought not too long ago), the whole paradigm of college-job-marriage-kids, what she calls the "heterosexual/reproductive schedule" has taken hold in the queer (esp. lesbian community, the point where people who go the old route of "I'm free, I'm free, no babies for me!" are almost being squeezed out. There's a quote from some queer studies professor talking about the concept of "queer time," which is a special type of freedom (supposedly) afforded to queers. In "queer time," instead of having the perogative of pairing off, having kids, and thereafter being locked into a world of responsibility (no late nights, no risky behavior, income going to family instead of leisure travel or CDs or whatever other indulegences), queers can basically run according to their own schedule. "We have this idea, Halberstam said, that anything not confined to "repro time" is pathological. But she says, 'When we're released from reproductive time, we can have a different life narrative.'"

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* If anybody reading this doesn't dig the term queer, well, sorry, that's the word I use and have for a long time. I was once the "GLBTQ Issues Editor" for a college newspaper and the whole alphabet soup thing really got on my nerves. Ahem.
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My entry into the publishing field

Well, I've been doing it in fanfic for free and recently even for real authors, and now I've got my first paid gig doing some editing for a publishing company -- doing the proof-reading on Meisha Merlin's republishing of the Sime-Gen SF series from the 70s. I'm doing the first three books. I'm actually not familiar with the series outside of what my buddy Alan at MM told me when he gave them to me, plus a bit of scoping I did online (it's got quite a cult following) but hell, seems interesting enough and I get paid per page. Alan indicated that in future, with non-reprint titles, they could use me to do actual content editing, so I figure this is a great in. Once again, Storm (who's friend's with MM's owner, who's been reprinting her books too) is taking me into new areas.
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