February 2nd, 2003

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Ever spend a whole HOUR trying to connect to a host to upload two stinkin' HTML files for a client... only to finally discover the host resolution problems are coming from your broadband connection having a momentary fit and that if you'd realized SOONER that doing your dial-up would fix it, you wouldn't have wasted an hour listening to Dreamweaver and SecureFX go "ERROR! Connecting" and all that BS????

OK, probably this has not happened to you. Count your blessings!
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Hug My Baby!

Anybody out there looking for a good gothic/creative/dark/mystical/creative zine could do a lot worse than checking out the latest edition of Inception (http://www.metrogirl.com/inception/), birthed this weekend and brimming with all sorts of articles, essays, poetry, reviews. Even if you don't know Storm Constantine from Emperor Constantine, you may find you enjoy it :)

Whee! Editor Wendy is so proud. Six issues and still going strong and always, always on time!
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