February 3rd, 2003

ice cream

Dork satisfaction

I just went through the first 50 pages of a Beginning ASP book and in 1 hour I read it all, installed Microsoft IIS (server) on my home machine and got my first ASP page to run. If all goes well, in 6 weeks I will be able to call myself a programmer and have it not be a total lie. Meanwhile, my client is paying for the course, the book and my time to do it all. Whoo hoo!
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Offensive to Man and Beast, not me really

I have an circa 1994 album here I love, OK, You Homos, Out of the Car that I feel positive would certainly cause a ruckus if it got publicized right around now... poor Tit Wrench would get labeled as terrorists or horribly crass.

Why? Well, while the album does NOT contain their usual mocking sound samples of President Bush (senior), attacks on the gov't immigration policy ("Go Back to Europe!") or freaky sound montages of the Gulf War, it does contain an amazing 99 tracks (7 songs and 93 crazy snippets) including a song which I feel sure would drive this country over the edge: "Need Another Seven Astronauts." If you want to hear a sample go here. Contains the famous quote "Obviously a major malfunction..."

In the meantime, my birds are very upset about me playing this album, as radical alternative industrial just isn't their bag... just like it's not most PEOPLE's bag. But I like it!
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