February 5th, 2003

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I hate when my knee jerks but...

(From today's NY Times)

WASHINGTON, Feb. 4 — President Bush's budget proposes new eligibility requirements that would make it more difficult for low-income families to obtain a range of government benefits, from tax credits to school lunches.

Arguing that much of the federal money intended for poor people is diverted through error and fraud, the administration wants to require families to supply more proof of their income and living arrangements before they can qualify for aid.

So wait, his budgetary thinking can include whatever perks for richer folks and the richer you or your corporation are, the more you can weasle out of taxes, but if you're poor, well, forget it, you're a poor risk because the gov't shills out too much money to you folk anyway so if you really want help, you've got to jump through hoops (without the aid of a CPA of course).

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feeling the power

well, the day of wrath arrived.. no, just kidding. today was the day my supervisor and i finally sat down to attack the dread user interface (ui) standards project. luckily, despite the incredible icky pain of doing any type of "standards," i feel good because my supervisor basically said "help, i can't do this, i've been trying for months, YOU are the one who will focus us and i am counting on your expertise and decision-making skills to get this done."

she laid out all her started-but-never-finished plans for these standards, which our dept. has needed for MONTHS, and i basically did an assessment and told her the concept of END PRODUCT and how we just plain need to get one of those and hand it off. i said, "quit this idea of it being pretty and perfect, let's just come up with something they can use."

i then got to come up with what we are actually going to do, then took on the task of hacking out all the basic pages for our standards documentation -- basically an empty web site framework where we can plunk it all. this is no sweat for me but something she had struggled with for months. i don't see what the deal is. she left for a doctor's appt. and then to work at home on our "process document" which i wouldn't want to touch, but meanwhile in like 3 hours i've finished the web site and tomorrow i will force her to help me fill it up with stuff.

it'll be fun since she has told me "you are the one to keep me on task" - bwahahaha, i guess that means i get to boss her around. i am especially eager to put an end to her waffling and say "forget consensus building or what-ifs, just make a decision." we're the ui experts, let us set the standards. sheesh, i just want END PRODUCT!
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borrowing from the masters

i was feeling super dissatisfied with the design i'd come up with for a client web site -- a "life science and medical info. tech" management recruiter -- when i said, "ok, let's scrap this and do something different." so i pulled out the folder of 1920s & 1920s art deco poster art i'd pulled off the web a couple of years ago. those things have amazing color combos and proportions. anyway, i'm now redoing the designed based on a piece of what looks to be an russian ad for some cruise line. my design doesn't have a cruise line or the same letter, but it's certainly based on it and boy, a heck of a lot more pizazz. of course, the client could think it's too pizazzy, so i'm going to sit on it for a day, and tomorrow do two prototypes (main page and sub-page) to be sure they're ok with it. wish me luck!
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