February 6th, 2003

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Storm Constantine novels in overview

Well, I think I have started Storm Constantine fever here in Atlanta. Outworlders, the queer SF/fantasy group I've been involved with since last summer, recently took up discussion of doing a book group and somehow (hmm, I wonder how) it turned into a Storm discussion, with quite a few people perking up and saying they'd like to read her and finally people wanting to read Sign for the Sacred (which I just finished) as the first book. Anyway, as one of the guys on the group seemed really wanting to read some Storm books, I did a write up last night describing various books and since I have it all typed up, thought I'd share it here. It's by no means a comprehensive review and it was targeted with this one reader in mind, but it should give a good idea of the range of Storm books.

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Minor Rant: WHY So Annoyingly Similar

Why do The Communards, Alysen Moyet, and Yaz all sound FUCKING ALIKE? I understand the Moyet/Yaz thing but what the Hell and WHY????? The 80s station I listen to just played all three groups in the same hour, some special torment personalized for me. Does it know how unspeakably annoying I find them? Man, if they really want to do me in, they should program Fine Young Cannibals. Some singers and groups can succeed with interesting voices -- Morrissey and Bjork come to mind immediately -- but hell, these other groups are just... well, to ME, just goddamn annoying.
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