February 11th, 2003

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Office poetry

Prowling around on my hard drive, I recovered this small text file, which appears to be a bit of goth office poetry. It's a lot like what I used to write in high school, only with a new setting. I wrote it probably 3 years ago when I was working at the state government in an office tower where I had a really great view of Downtown but unfortunately could go out into it because I was stuck at my desk doing web site maintenance for a health agency :)

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6 a.m.

Every day for the past 2 or 3 weeks or maybe even longer, I find myself in bed, awake, having incredibly lucid thoughts about the coming day or composing emails in my head or thinking about dreams. Then I'll think to myself, "Ugh, I really don't want to get up" and then a split second later "Oh, forget it, I don't have to because hey, my alarm hasn't rung yet and it's still too dark out, shit, it's not time." Sure enough, if I haul myself in the direction of my alarm clock, it's exactly 6 a.m. After this I'm able to just roll back until the covers and fall asleep again in 2 seconds, then wake up again around 7:15 when the alarm DOES go off.

Probably by writing about it, I've broken the curse but still, I'm curious. Why?
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Internationl Media Slants

I found this on Der Spiegel. Haven't seen anything like this in Time, have we? Anyway:

The article this is from is talking about how Germany and France -- the peoples of those countries, BTW, not just the governments -- are far from isolated in their opposition to the way things are going with regards Iraq, Afgahnistan, etc. Interesting considering the Bush administration and U.S. media has been painting the pictures that France and Germany are somehow rogue states out of alignment with the rest of Europe. Not saying the German media doesn't have its own slant, but it's a different slant. I wish I had a copy of World News Report or whatever that magazine was I used to read that was an anthology of press articles from around the world. It would be fascinating right about now.
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Miles to go before I sleep

I've had my digital pedometer for a few days now and I must say, a lot of time I walk farther than I think just doing things that are not a big deal to me.

The other night when I went to Phipps for the movies, between walked to and into Peachtree Center station and the walk to and from the Lenox station, I walked over two miles. My walk to work measures in at 1.9 miles door to door. I had thought it was 1.6 but then again, the calculator I was using (MapQuest) wasn't according for my exact walk since it was assuming was driving.

Anyway, this little toy is fun. Now I can quantify stuff like walking from L5P to Ponce or compare two different walks and have an idea of how the scales compare.
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Soy, I love you

Because I need a distraction and I'm having a snack break here is a list of lovely soy (and some rice) food products I stock in my fridge. Some for their own merits, others as dairy and meat replacements, most of them BOTH :)

frozen protein crumbles (tacos!)
ground protein / proteinburger "meat"
soy cream cheese
soy sour cream
various types of soy cheese slices - swiss, cheddar, etc.
shredded soy parmesan/romano cheese
soy parmesan topping
Silk soy milk
Rice Dream chocolate rice milk
Rice Dream chocolate rice milk
firm tofu
silken tofu

From time to time I have other various specaility products like tempeh or seitan "beef" (mmmmmm, quite yummy cold!). I wish I had some of that really good Chinese Buddhist canned meat. Haven't had any of that in a long time, since unfortunately (and why I don't know) only places on Buford Highway seem to stock it.

I wonder what my soy intake is daily, with all this! I'm just happy they make all this stuff. You can make anything with soy.
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