February 14th, 2003

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Brad Pitt to star in Classic story

Am I the only one who's seen this news? This morning I had a random impulse to check Brad Pitt's filmography -- just was wondering how many movies he'd been in todal. So I go to IMDB and right at the top of the list, I see him listed as starring in this movie Troy set for 2004 release. He's playing ACHILLES in an adaptation of Homer's Odyssey directed by German director Wolfgang Peterson. Oh, and Orlando Bloom is playing Paris and... Man, I want more info!!!!!
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Dolly dead

So Dolly the cloned sheep is dead -- euthanized after she got a lung infection:


They say normally a sheep wouldn't get that sick from one for being only 6 years old. A few years ago she got arthritis and scientists were speculating about how maybe the cloning somehow set up something with premature aging. Now they are really going to think about that. But some stupid ass will clone a person anyway
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