February 16th, 2003

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Feeling better but then again...

...I just read a local news story about a guy who got stopped in his car on an overpass to one of the freeways here, after cops were trailing him for a narcotics charge. He ran away and apparently either jumped or fell over a railing. He fell like 30 feet and was decapitated by a wrought iron railing. I am pretty sure I know exactly where this took place because it's about a 3/4 mile from here and I've biked there many times. Upon reflection, I seriously think that if I ever saw somebody without their head I'd be puking for a long, long time.

At least the bad dark wave thing stopped. It did get worse before it got better.

I left the apartment and went downstairs with my garbage from the party, then got my mail. Got two checks from clients -- to which I was sort of "Oh good I guess, who cares, who cares about anything..." about, stuck in my jacket pocket. Then I went down the street to return a couple videos to the library. It had just closed. Of course this made me want to cry so I called Caleb on my mobiel and started moaning to him how I wanted to come over. He said OK and so I walked over. I went right in and put down my purse, the videos, then took the mail out of my pocket. Wouldn't you know one of the envelopes was missing! Ugh! Feeling like life was just out to get me, I went out and retraced my steps, from my place to the library over to Caleb's. No check. Doesn't surprise. Somebody probably brought it to one of the check-cashing places already. Anyway... came back to Caleb's and found out at *least* it was the *small* check, not my monthly check from my one-day-a-week contract. The one I lost is a check from Caleb's company and they can put a stop on it... assuming it's not already cashed :><

Once Caleb got done ribbing me about that, and probably because of that, I fell down onto the futon and did the fetal position for a while, then spread out and just didn't talk for a while. He started to make dinner and wanted me to make breadcrumbs. I felt like shit but did it anyway. I think it was a set up because doing something, rather than just lying there, made things a bit better. Things improved after that. He got an old city planning study from 1976 and I ended up reading it aloud to him as dinner cooked, as we ate dinner, as he had his bath. After the bath I gave him a backrub and then a leg rub he said was as good or better than sex. Surprisingly, it made ME feel better. I guess in some ways I understand why since it has to do with energy and heck, I'll be learning Reiki soon and the phenomenon must be related. Whatever happened, by the end of it all, when Caleb finally left to go to a party, I was doing well.

I will try not to dream about wrought iron though. Anybody seen Hitchcock's Spellbound?
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Array of hope

I've been taking an online course in ASP and I have to say, the book we're using is good and clear but I swear, I am just not made to program. I can do the examples (check out http://www.atlantadowntown.com/BegASPFiles/global.asp) and follow it, but I'm about as natural at it as I am natural at sports. That said, I think it will help me eventually because I realize right now most of everything I'm reading is groundwork. Once I get to the part on interacting with databases I'll be happy since that's all I really care about, not array and subroutines and constants. Ew. This is why I have a BA and not a BS.
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The Thrift Shop

I just took one of the first web sites I ever did and applied CSS to it. It's been online since 1996 (with a couple hosting moves) and it just occured to me, it's a pretty good look at what info I'd share with folks before LJ

The Thrift Shop

He he... I even have a online diary with some entries from 1997. There are some pretty hilarious ones.

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I wish the digital library sucking up all the web had an image of my first site, Wiebke's Welt, which I did at UMass back in like 1995. All pages creation and editing was done directly in UNIX and there was some incredibly complex and mysterious process whereby I could move pictures from my computer over to the Web. It took me a few weeks to master it. By the time I did Thrift Shop I was beyond that, but I will say it's primarily a sort of one-woman web zine, mainly text... though there are some weird graphics like distorted images of Buster Keaton and scans of all this stuff from CVS.
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