February 17th, 2003


Liberal Radio Network?

Just spotted this in the NY Times:

Collapse )

Personally, as a former journalism major who spent more time studying bias in the media than actually learning journalism, I am pretty skeptical of this whole venture because a) I don't think it could be viable and b) even if it starts out good, eventually it would swing to become convservative. Kind of like NPR... which fools you into thinking it's fair and liberal but can get as "swung" left or right as anything else at times. Anyway, I guess I wish it luck. Man, do I hate Rush!
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Test Poll: My Name

For those of you who don't know: a) I just got a paid membership a couple weeks ago and b) my real name is... Well, see this poll and help me test it out by letting me know your impressions.

Poll #103637 My Name

Wendy Darling...

...is a writing alias. What's your REAL name?
...is a kinky pet name. What's your REAL name?
...is such a sweet sounding name? Can I call you Darling, Darling?
...is a seriously WASPy name? That is so totally your real name!

He he.
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