February 20th, 2003

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Sh*t, I am tired and heck, a dog puked on me

Well, hallelujah, this is the first time in like 36 hours (well, except for posting about the scalpers) I've been able to access LJ. I have no clue how anybody else managed to post because LJ has been totally freaking out since Wednesday morning and would not show all day for me.

Anyway, I have been so tired and bored lately. They kind of go together. I'm so tired I'm very listless at work, sort of unable to get into anything and drifting off into non-work way too often, then even so tired I can't even think of any way to avoid work anymore, then too tired to care. It felt like I was there for like 3 days and not 8 hours.

Oh, and as a P.S. and just to cover the JOURNAL aspect of LJ: When I finally got out of work and had had a nice dinner at Baraonda, I had writer's group until 10. I like that group and overall it was good as always (I was one of the authors "on deck") but damn if I didn't have a dog PUKE IN MY CROTCH just as we were settling down. I kid you not. This 5-month-old English pit bull puppy looking thing comes up to me and projectile puked dog kibble into my lap. TMI? Well, sorry, didn't say I was in a mood to be considerate, did I? Jeez, that was sick but everybody was laughing, me too... esp. when Joy came over with the towel and was like "Well, I'll let you wipe up the mess on your pants, since it is DOWN THERE!" I laughed 'til I cried and couldn't even see!
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