February 21st, 2003

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Satisfying those movie cravings

Last night I took a slightly earlier bus to writer's group and as a result, I found myself with 15 minutes, a credit card, and immediate proximity to Paper Chase, a lovely used video (and now DVD) shop. Seeing as there's no video store in my area except for the public library and seeing as I am being an obstinate lazy wuss and avoiding the DVD thing, I went in and stocked up on videos -- only around $6 each and whoo hoo, got some stuff I'd really wanted:

The Great Dictator
1941. Charlie Chaplin.
In later years, after the war, Chaplin was ashamed of this movie, thinking it took Hitler and the Holocaust too lightly, but you can't fault him too much for him ignorance and the movie is humane and does make some great points about fascism and is hysterical to boot. I bet he could have done a really good adapation of 1984 actually.

1977. Dario Argento.
Thanks to malibran, I think this might be my favorite horror movie. My favorite things in it are the colors and the music. Crazzzzzy. (BTW, the video store clerk says this is now out on a 3-disc DVD set that includes the soundtrack and extra stuff, case anybody cares.)

Dr. Strangelove...
1963. Stanley Kubrick.
Well, haven't seen this in a few years but it did seem like a good pick right about now.

Suddenly Last Summer
1955. Joseph Makiewicz.
I'm a big fan of anything Tennessee Williams and that includes this INSANE movie starring Montgomery Clift, Katharine Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor and this mysterious man you never see but who had PROBlems. Definitely a movie that fits into the whole Celluloid Closet thing because it could have included a lot more but even as it is, it's including an awful lot for a 1955 film.

Farewell My Concubine
Early 90s. Cheng Kaige.
I first saw this in high school when my friend Teresa from Taiwan got a bootleg videodisc (er, remember those?) release from Hong Kong or somewhere. Just fantastic! Sometime afterward I read the book (also fantastic) and then at UGA's video/laserdisc library, I watched it again. This movie really captures some unique moment and the air of tragedy and doomed love is very heavy and perfectly fits into the life-as-Chinese-opera theme.

I still don't know what I'll watch first :)
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Wanted to post this yesterday: Inside Bush

Found this article that attempts to work out what is going on inside the mind of the president:

Protests Let President Know That He’s Right

Black-and-white outlook was nurtured in Yale frat house

Images of global demonstrations against war with Iraq linger in the minds of heads of state and talking heads: millions of citizens marching in the name of peace in streets from London and Glasgow to Rome and Tokyo. But I can tell you that the marchers impressed President George W. Bush, too. They convinced him—if he needed more convincing—that he is surely on the right course in confronting Saddam Hussein.

It's a thoughtful article and sheds some light on how Bush's long-standing views and memories of the 1960s are quite probably affecting his worldview and political stance today.
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Make this disgusting overhyped movie go away

I happened to have had the misfortune of seeing in-theater trailers for The LIFE of David Gale twice and now there are ads on TV and all over the Internet and I have to say, there is something just deadlly goddamn annoying and insufferable about them. Everything from the music, the way it goes out of its way to reveal what looks like the entire plot (cliches and all), the way it talks about itself -- major, major turnoff. I just saw another ad for it pop up and it's like with Star Wars... just want to ESCAPE!
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The reviews are coming in...

Well, it seems I am interpreting those ads correctly:

Roger Ebert gives Life of... No Stars (gee, Roger, did you have a problem with it?)

Also, on a related note, I happened to notice CNN slammed Ted Turner's Gods and Generals movie and whoah, check out Rotten Tomotoes' reviews -- jeez. Still, I bet it will do well in Georgia, given all the Civil War reinactment types...

Oh, and my Mood is set at Exhausted until I am no longer exhausted. Don't know what is up with me except ugh, I am TIRED.
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