February 23rd, 2003

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First paid job in publishing

Not sure I mentioned it here, but I've got a little job doing proof reading for the first three books of the Sime/Gen series, which is being reprinted by Meisha Merlin here in Atlanta. After procrastinating a couple of weeks, I finally got the binders I needed so I could three-hole punch the three scanned manuscripts and start going through them. And then I started looking at the glossary at the end of book three and got really intrigued and starting flipping through House of Zeor and found a really good part that lets me know that there is definitelyb going to be more satisfaction in reading these than just the fact I'm getting paid by the page, which is almost funny to me in and of itself. Oooh, I'm so excited by what I just read and those chracters, I don't know how I'm going to get to bed tonight! Amaretto maybe?
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Let this be a lesson

I should have known this would happen. Last night right before bed I just had to take another little peak at House of Zeor, flipping to the point where one big dangling bit of suspense comes. Greedily I read it and fell asleep. As my punishment, all night long I was tossing adn turning, my mind racing as it "read" the book until I think I was on Chapter 4, which is funny since I haven't actually started the book yet, only skimmed and read probably Chapter 5 and Chapter 14 or something. Anyway, my head was racing all night with the book but also mixed in with that, I put together a movie in my head starring Elijah Wood. (Now please note, unlike some of you, I am not an Elijah fan, not a hater either.) The dream wasn't really a Sime/Gen plot; all I remember is Elijah was in danger of pursuit by two sides in some conflict and was scrambling about, having to bury himself, hide on islands, use diguises in order not to be found out and presumedly abused, tortured or worse. It was such a frantic dream. Anyway, with all these crazy overheated thoughts, I ended up actually overheating in bed, waking up at 8 (despite planning on sleeping until 10 or 11) and then of course having to reread what I read last night, which banished the compulsive thoughts.
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Heterosexist Sci-Fi (Sime/Gen)

OK, so I've skimmed through quite a bit of this Sime/Gen thing I'll be proofing -- and that means going over thing beginning to end slowly, of course -- and have reached one conclusion already and that is the fact that much as I enjoy and admire it, there is this heterosexist BULLSHIT in the canon that just drives me up the wall!

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