February 24th, 2003

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"In Need"

You know, mid-way through what's been a hellishly frustrating day, it occured to me that maybe one reason I've been so into these Sime/Gen books is that hey, they're about creatures who have fatal heroin-withdrawal type reactions if they don't get their selyn. Right after they get it, they're golden, then mid-way through the need cycle, they starting getting testy and they when they get to be "in need," they start flipping out. Well, I think I can identify with that because a) my home broadband service has been either down or completely wacko since Friday (thus the "hellishly frustrating day" I referred to) and b) I'm having a visit from Aunt Flo and I am fucking PISSY! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAArgh!


Seriously, at least my dial-up is working... Now if Dreamweaver will launch (just rebooted 8 times), that's be nice... Yeah, my computer is as much a nervous wreck as I am, seeminly getting really grumpy about being able to get network access. Crap. And then I went to the actual office to see if I could work there and they'd given my workstation to an employee.

Anyway... got to go find something to destroy now...
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