February 25th, 2003

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Once again proving computers are even LESS cooperative than cats...

So after staying up late reading some fanfic, I hung up the dialup but left the computer on for the night. This morning I woke up early, knowing right away it was still dark out. I look at the clock and it was 6:45. Hmmmm, I thought, why am I awake so early?

So I was there having my grumpy, random, stressed-out-since-I-have-to-get-up-soon thoughts when suddenly I heard the chime saying MSN Messenger had logged me in. Squinting over to the slightly open door to my office, I could see that the computer had apparently rebooted itself sometime in the night. (OK, this is a side note but my computer reboots itself and turns itself on from OFF a lot.)

Hmmm, I thought, I should go see if anything besides Messenger is working? (For the past 4 days, that has been the only Internet app. that has fairly consistently been able to connect -- mail server, FTP, web surfing were all pretty much inoperable w/o dial-up.) So I come over to investigate and am SHOCKED to find that everything is fine and working again. Even weirder, when I go and switch from dynamic IP (tech support had asked me to) back to my static, it STILL worked. So my system is "magically" fixed!

Naturally I'm currently set up for a housecall from the broadband guys. Guess I should cancel it... although you know I bet if I do, my computer will break again. Crap, yesterday I was about to apply for a gun permit to frickin' shoot the damn thing.
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Trip down nostalgia lane

You know how sometimes you like a kind of music TOO much and overdo it to the point you can't LISTEN to, let alone HEAR? And then after a few years you go back and it's fresh and exciting again? Well, last week I borrowed some CDs from Caleb's -- Technorave 1, 2 and 3, and Tit Wrench's album Full Employment, stuff we both used to listen to and I just don't have on CD -- and, man, I am getting all tingly and excited from it. Hell, I'm not saying those techno compilations are the most original things ever because it's techno after all, but they are the total epitome of the best music we all used to be into, esp. for dance purposes. Around 1995 all the techno started to suck but before that, we were loving it. Yesterday I kept listening to volume 3 and I have to say, "Float in a Dream of X-TC" and "No Sex Until Marriage" are two of my favorites ever in the whole genre. (While I'm rambling about techno, my favorites are "Helmut Kohl ist tot" ("Helmut Kohl is dead") and the techno version of Carmina Burana.) As for Tit Wrench, they really ought to make a comeback, as all their songs are about the Gulf War, propaganda, U.S. immigration, or all three ;)
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"Life sucks, do me"

I love Tit Wrench...

Welcome to Club Idiot, where you will NOT find what you're looking for!

I saw this girl dancing on the floor, she wouldn't look me in the eyes
Reached into my pocket grabbed a plastic bag, and then I saw her crack a smile -- "Yoohoo!"

And then we went outside to my car, and thought we might be able to talk
I asked her what she thought about Saddam Hussein,
She just looked at me me and said "What in the...?"

Life sucks, do me
Life sucks, do me
Life sucks, do me
No brain, no headache

Sometime I need to quote "People Like That Should be Spade"...

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Enough! He's Going!

Caleb will likely read this but AAAARGH, isn't there some law that says never call a friend more than 10 times in one night????????????!!!!!!!!!!

Granted, arranging to buy a ticket for you first trip abroad alone is a big moment but JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJEEEEZ, do I have to be on the phone as you fill out and debate over every last form field, go through the German rail schedules, plan each day's activities, debate over arrive and departure times, ask me for 10 reasons to go?

I am glad he's going REALLY! Because now, what is there to bug me about? He he. More like me bugging him about bringing me back some salted licorice and German hip hop :)
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