February 26th, 2003

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10 Years Ago Today

Hard to believe, but it was 10 years ago that a bomb in the underground portion of the World Trade Center killed five people. It's really sickening that this no longer seems like a big deal. Not that human lives aren't a big deal but...


Anyone who has a NY Times online subscription, check out the front page from that day and see if it creeps you out:

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i am a masochist

why is i every time i get myself totally sleep deprived and make up for it a little bit, i immediately use that gain to burn the candle at both ends and make myself just *that* much more exhausted than i was before? i swear, sometimes i think i *want* to suffer like this. then again, sometimes i think if i could only have what to me is the *natural* sleep time of 1:30 to 9, then i would be fine. i've never liked any other sleep time. hate going to bed any time before midnight and completely resent having to be up before 8. i even studied sleep deprivation and patterns and i understand and could readjust to it, have fixed it a few times, but i always slip back.


oh! one bit of lightness here:

caleb' s hilarious list of personal reasons to go to germany
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