March 4th, 2003

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I'm pregnant... OK, OK, *just* kidding!

Dammit, this is crazy... I have every symptom I can think of except I know it's impossible, even if I wasn't on the pill. It has to be the pill causing it though. Jeeeeeezus I have been feeling bad. First it was the tired thing which was getting worse and worse. Then I had food cravings, inability to concentrate, insomnia. Now today it got really fun, with nausea, headache, dizziness. I almost puked about 10 times today but didn't, though a couple of times I was facing down the toilet. WTF? I told my supervisor all this and she's like "Man, you are SO pregnant!" and I was like "I am SO not!" Because I know I can't possibly be, unless maybe some alien has been getting it on with me or something. No, it has to be the pill, which funnily enough I am taking in order to CORRECT all the stupid hormonal imbalances and menorraghia that was making me anemic and exhausting me. And don't I feel SO much better now?! It's such a trade off, I swear to crap. And I'm bitchy with or without the pills. Go me!

...Staggering off to find some food that will satisfy me. Boillion and salty things or really sweet stuff seems to appeal to me. I keep wanting orange juice. Salt! Sugar! Gaaaaaah.....
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Cheap asses

I have a client that does executive recruiting and for God's sake, they are the biggest cheap asses! I admit, it's my own fault I ever agreed to their rate or their "no more than 7 billed hours" bullshit but for pity's sake, them getting a professionally designed web site for what they did is just ridiculous considering their clients are being placed in jobs paying $100K and up and hell I *know* they are getting *something* out of that!? I mean, heck, they are lucky I can pull off that much slickness and glamor in so little time.

Sorry, folks. Contractor rant. And I will mark it in my Memories.
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I can't remember where to go to download backup of this LJ? I want to do February but I'm too addled to figure out how. I've gone through all sorts of LJ help pages, can't find it. Help?
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Making slow progress

Well, I am feeling a bit better tonight, having taking it pretty easy. And I'm going to bed in a second. For the record, I just wanted to report that my first original book (I call it a book although it will probably be more novella than book length) has reached 14,000 words. That's not super long or anything but I feel good about that. Writing this has been way harder than writing any fanfic and getting the motivation for it, even though I adore the story and am very proud of it, has been difficult. Anyway, my hope is to have 6 chapters done by May and bring them to England as a prezzie for Storm, since she has been very encouraging of all my writing and raved about an original story I sent her. I haven't bugged her to read this yet because I want there to be a good huge chunk of it ready at once and for it to be all polished. The way things are going, I think I will have it all ready just in time.
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My teenage crush

I was looking at kyuuketsukirui's friends and saw somebody posting their teenage crushes and it made me think. Although I was too asexual to do the real crush thing, I was damned obsessed with this fellow:

This is actually just about my favorite picture of him. Read every book and magazine article, watched every movie and documentary I could. Used to dream about him. His stuff is amazing.

It is Buster Keaton. God, I was such a film geek. Some day (after I go to bed, which I must do now) I will post more about him, including more photos. Buster deserves more of a cult than he has.