March 9th, 2003

ice cream

Dont' want to jynx it but...

boy, today has been super nice so far!

Maybe I should go to bed now and forestall any bad news or happenings, but then again, I'm supposed to be going to dinner at a really nice restaurant at 8, so I guess maybe I should just lie low, hoping that piddling about cleaning up my bedroom and bath will keep the bad karma at arm's length.

Wheeeee! At the end of today, I will record all the good goings-on...

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School Is Hell

I just was flipping through Matt Groening's great book School Is Hell, which my sister Nancy gave me in high school, when my eye caught this bit in a panel titled "School's Out."


The bullies, cheaters, tattletales, and sniveleing otas who tormented you in school are now trying to sell you insurance, explanining why a payraise for you is currently impossible, informing you your tax return is being audited, and telling you why your country has just declared war.

How true!

I highly recommend this book. Leave it to a comic book to offer up the truest commentary on school I've ever seen. Hysterical stuff.
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Good Day Sunshine

Well, even though posting the mere thought of today being a good seems to have pulled down a bit if wrath in the form of a not-so-perfect dinner outing, today turned out quite well and for the first time in quite a while, I was more aware of goodness of life than the badness (especially the tiredness) of life.

I started out sleeping until a "late" 9:30 to a wonderful, shining day, after some fun dreams, the first happy, non-anxious dreams I can remember having in quite a while. A little while later I was on my computer when Storm popped up in IM and announced that I had won the fanfic contest for the Grissecon convention, so my story (yep, marchenland, the story you helped me on), will appear in the program. She sent me her edited version and had me add in a dedication (Storm, Mercredi & marchenland). I was giddy with that.

The next few hours were pure pleasure. I took out Sign for the Sacred and reviewed it so I could get in the frame of mind to discuss it, plus put sticky notes in a couple of spots. Then I decided since it was so nice out, I'd bike on over there to Midtown. What a lovely day. Apologies to those of you in northern climes or otherwise still-not-ready-for-springtime areas, but it was like 75 here and all the trees are flowering, the daffodils are up, everyone's biking and rollerblading, working in the garden, and going out for ice cream. I had a nice ride on over to Pete's house and then we sat around on his porch eating cookies and chips and talking about the book. Only Pete, Amy and Chris had read it and they'd only each gotten about 1/3 through since Amazon was late getting the book to them, but it was a nice discussion nonetheless. We decided next meeting in two weeks we'd finish up, since there's a lot more to talk about with that book.

We really didn't want to break up once we were done so next we (Chris, Amy, Alan and I) ended up going to lunch at Frog's Cantina. They drove and I biked -- and beat them there by 30 seconds! We ate outside, which turned out to be a bit of a problem since there's a huge tree over the seating area that had these blood-colored flowers that were falling off in HEAPS the whole time, making us feeling like we were getting tree dandruff or we were spaghetti and the trees was dumping red parmesan on us. We kept getting flowers in our hair and food and drinks. I had a good frozen strawberry margarita and we all sat around chatting and being silly for another good hour and a half.

My time after that was nice too. I'd gone down a bunch of Midtown hills getting to lunch and I walked the bike up them, getting a nice look at the ever-lovely Midtown residential blocks with all the blooming flowers. I don't get around to just walking around there too often and it's quite a nice area. When I got up to Argonne, where Pete lives, I went on back past his house and kept on going and going and going until I ended up in Renaissance and then finally picked up the bike path and then went home on Edgewood. I was getting parched by then so I went on over to Blue Cloud and got an iced coffee, along with a big water the owner pushed on me, insisted he didn't want me dehydrating :) I read the paper and watched people come in and out.

I went home for a couple hours after that and picked up, did some client work, got dressed for dinner and actually wore the beautiful silk blouse I got at Carson Pirie Scott in Chicago -- finally! Dinner ran into some logistical issues and food not being exactly perfect...won't get into it... but it didn't suck either.

Overall today, I felt so contented and my body actually felt really good from doing stuff, I admit. I have felt like roadkill for a couple of weeks and I think I still have a sleep deficit that needs fixin', but at least I don't feel like roadkill.
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