March 12th, 2003

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It gets better

So, I just got an email from the organizers of that story competition I won and found out that not only will my story get into the program, but it will also be in the special story supplement they were doing to present the other stories, along with some illustrations by talented fans, some poetry too. Turns out now they are also going to have that booklet published as a real book with an ISBN and everything -- and Storm's doing an intro for it! Addie in Australia is going to coordinate that, probably through some sort of self-publishing and her own funds, though I already offered and said I would help with it. Heck, if Storm's going to encourage and support her fans putting out a book of Wraeththu fan fiction, I of all people should support that. Hey, and I can also count that as being published too, right? Wheeeee.
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Seen on MSN

Rotating Ad Banner:

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I didn't click.
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Kaiser's Abrosia

So last night I made one of my favorite family recipes -- which oddly enough derives from the army fare my grandfather was dished out as a teenage soldier for the Kaiser in WWI.

The dish is a German version of corned beef hash that includes mashed potatoes, canned corned beef, tomato sauce and sweet gerkins (the German touch). It is the easiest thing to make, esp. with instant potatoes, since all you do is mix those up and then stir in the beef, sauce, cut-up pickles and then a bunch of pickle juice.

My mother has told me that when she was growing up, Opa used to make this whenever Oma was sick, not at home or otherwise unable to cook for the family. His specialties were mainly things he knew from having to cook in the army -- hash and fried potatoes. She always liked the hash and eventually it was something she ended up making a lot when our family went camping.

When we served it up to my dad's Boy Scout troup one time, a bunch of them thought it was gross, esp. the pickle part, but to me it is one of the yummiest, most satisifying things out there, though since it has meat I tend to eat it only about once a year, when I get in a mood to. To me eating it reminds me of good times camping as well as family meals, where Mom would tend to always mention her dad and how funny it was we were all eating and enjoying German army rations.
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