March 13th, 2003

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That Russian sh*t

I can't believe it myself, but I read a WHOLE one of those really long Russia-based Sime/Gen fanfic novellas. I feely vaguely ashamed but at the same time, it was well done. I still think it's friggin' WEIRD thought and hell, Russian patronymics can get really, really annoying in a story. Like:

His mother, Lord Karola Mardinova Azov laughed, "No different from any other night." This made his face hot at all the times he and his brothers had gotten into it over various meals. Vayer tried to force down more of the special dinner prepared for the occasion of the first thaw.

"They are supposed to be grown men." his grandfather grumbled.

"Men grow up?" Sharm Lord Kir Kirov put her tiny hand on her mate, Lord Valentine Ilyavich Kirov's wrist.

"Some of them do." his mother gave his other father, Sharm Lord Avilan Turovich Azov, an arch look.

He he. At least that gets cut out when people get to be familiar. Anyway, no more of that. I can only take so much. Soon I will stop reading and pour myself back into writing. After you read enough stuff (good or bad) you eventually just want to say f*ck it and write it exactly how you want.
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Big sigh o'relief!

Well, after enduring a lousy chronic "female" problem for far to f*ckin long and then having to go to doctor, lab, another doctor, more tests, waiting, follow-up, another doctor, various prescriptions, finally today I got some good news! Seems that the lovely little uterine fibroids they detected are only small ones and so all I have to do is keep taking the pill, I guess forever, and things'll stay fine and the problem won't come back. The doctor was also able to give me 3 months of a different type of pill for free, so that was cool with me. My insurance covers a good portion of those pills but it still saves me like $75 or something. Now if I could get free Allegra, that'd be cool too but nope, not going to happen. Oh, well. I am just so happy they won't have to be doing anything to me like "scraping" or zapping or cutting or whatever else. I was NOT looking forward to that AT ALL.

(Oh, and on a related observational note, and I dearly hope nobody shoots me or anything for even making the observation, but the OB/GYN office where I go is all black -- black doctors, black staff, all black patients and babies. I have to say that while I don't really give a care as far as how this affects my care, I do sort of care about the fact that I feel really, really out of place there. This was especially true today when I was dressed in a rather "out there" outfit with fake leather jacket, red polyester pants, etc., and in the two hours I was there, I got quite a few "What are YOU doing here type looks?" I suppose though it's nothing really to remark on since let's face it, I'm in the majority often enough. Whatever. I got taken care of, all is well with me, even if all isn't well with the world.)
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Gee, what a surprise

I got the PDFs for my work's annual report, which I have to chop out, index, do bookmarks for, post to our site, etc. and I am SO not surprised by the theme: Securing America's Future.

Also not surprised by this breakdown of major customers, by percent research expenditures, for FY 2002:

U.S. Air Force 24.8
U.S. Army 18.3
State of Georgia 12.4
Other Department of Defense 12.0
Industry - Federal Subcontracts 11.1
U.S. Navy 9.7
Industry - Commercial 7.7
Federal Non-DoD 4.0

I think that adds up to at least 65% military/defense, probably even more since "Industry - Federal Subcontracts" and "Industry - Commercial" includes stuff like Lockheed-Martin and Raytheon and stuff.
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