March 14th, 2003

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Whatcha think?

For the Grissecon program, they need a bio and pic of me. I have quite a few self-portraits I've done with my digital camera and was lucky enough to find this one from last month (dating it from that necklace). I'm sending a color one and the b&w but naturally I prefer the b&w :)

BTW, it looks crappier here than the actual version I sent, which is higher res and not optimized. It'll be printed in b&w anyway and reduced in size muchly, so any imperfections (esp. where I did some fixes like erase my hand showing) will be invisible.
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Good deeds today

I did some good deeds today and since I was just saying earlier today how I should try and be more positive in these entries, not always bitching and moaning, here's the list.

  • Patiently endured long doctor's visit w/o complaint (er, I did just use the verb endured but I did hold my tonge at the time).
  • Did really good work preparing the PDF versions of our annaul report.
  • Handled several neighborhood email/web site issues.
  • Spent three hours sitting in at meeting of the city's zoning review board for a project Caleb worked on and I support.
  • Since Kroger, Underground and any cheap restaurant in the area was closed by the time the meeting was out, invited Caleb and Daniel over for some dinner, which was various vegies roasted in oil, salt, pepper and rosemary.
  • Batch-processed like 20 pictures malibran wanted for his LJ.
  • Gifted somebody with a paid LJ.

Bad deeds are staying up so late, but any time I'm kept from coming home until late and then don't eat until even later, I make up for it by not going to bed. I need at least 3 hours of "me time" before I'll consent to sleep.
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Gag Me With A Phone

Good Friday Five today, must respond...

Do you like talking on the phone? Why or why not?

Like kyuuketsukirui, from whom I ganked this survey, I just totally HATE phones. I hated them long before I had means (Internet) to avoid them but now that I have means, GAH, my hatred has grown so much worse. Using the word hatred in that last sentence does seem a bit wrong though, since I guess the real way to describe it is strong dislike coupled with angst -- is there such a think as telephonophobia? You think I'm kidding but... Nope.

2. Who is the last person you talked to on the phone?

Caleb. He called from home to chat and arrange lunch. Afterward we met up at Baroanda.

3. About how many telephones do you have at home?

Two -- a beautiful heavy black 1930s-style phone from Pottery Barn, which I indulged myself with years ago living with Caleb, and then a cordless one I bought so I could cook dinner or be on the computer and still talk. The cordless is especially useful for dealing with someone like Caleb who might call five times in 30 minutes; if you can just take the phone with you everywhere, you don't have to run across the apartment to get the other phone. I also have a mobile phone but I don't ever have it on and mainly use it for calls of convenience.

4. Have you encountered anyone who has really bad phone manners?

Besides telemarketers who'll call me at 8 p.m. on a Saturday? Um, no, not really.

5. Would you rather pick up the phone and call someone or write them an e-mail or a letter? Why or why not?

99 to 1, I'd rather write an email. The "1" are exceptions, like if I know the person won't get my email in time or if it's a right-away call (arranging dinner) or if it's my mom where I actually want to have a conversation.


P.S. I need to do some new icons. I don't see to have any happy ones and they are ALL showing my face. I should do Buster Keaton ones or Storm ones or something. Maybe Wraeththu ones... Ooooh, I like that idea!
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Ebert Strikes Again

I don't know exactly when or why Roger Ebert decided to start writing political essays but I'm glad he did. Once again, he's got a good one:

Praying is fine, but Bush should make up his own mind
Chicago Sun-Times
March 13, 2003
By Roger Ebert

Central quote:

There was something eerie about the president's performance, and commentators have been tiptoeing around it ever since. The conservative columnist Mark Steyn felt he was like ''a punchy old prizefighter mumbling the same old lines.'' The liberal Washington Post TV critic Tom Shales said, ''Bush kept seeming to lose interest in his own remarks,'' and speculated that ''the president may have been ever so slightly medicated.''

There may have been something going on beneath the radar. Bush may have been suppressing the urge to simply say, ''Look. All of these questions are irrelevant because I am sure I am right, and I believe God is with me on this.''

There are of course many theologies in the world, but the two involved here have different theories of prayer. Bush prays in the tradition of a dialogue with God, in which God hears Bush and Bush hears God. This is the tradition preached by the Rev. Billy Graham, who helped inspire Bush to become born again after Bush turned to him for help with alcoholism.
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