March 18th, 2003

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Dream deferred, my reasons, walk & more

I've seen almostnever do this and seeing as I have a lot of stuff I want to post about, I'm going to go that route as well.

WARNING: You are about to enter a multi-topic post

Well, once again, take the train and then bus all the way up to Red Cross on Monroe only to have them tell me sorry, honey, you are anemic. Damn! I *love* giving blood but the last couple of years, half the time they send me home with the flyer telling me to eat collard greens. Given that my previous issue is resolved and I'm taking 2-3 iron pills a week, I was urprised to find I was still so low on iron, but I guess I'm just not eating all the right things. I'm going back in three weeks. Watch me suck down those greens!

For the last few days I've been thinking about exactly why I am against this war. I wanted to think things over and figure out my own reasoning, kind of a self-assessment. That survey that was in the news fuelled me further, making me try and see if I could come up with counter arguments to the "majority" and/or see their POV. The result of this thinking is this list I came up with on the way to give blood:

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and for the heck of it (I tried!)

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So after getting deferred, I had a nice chat with the receptionist, who had a 27 schedule so I'd konw when to go out, and directed me to their free juice. I got the juice and waited, got the bus, then enjoyed about an hour of a half of Outworlders socializing at Miss Q's. Had an amaretto sour, chatted with Alan, Chris, Kris, et al., watched Buffy. Decided to leave at 9 rather than watch Children of Dune, since I knew otherwise I'd be there until 11. Decided that rather waiting on the flakry 27 (whose schedule I didn't even have with me), I'd go for a walk and if I saw it coming, I'd run for a stop... or not. I ended up having a very nice, serene walk through a cool, humid, sparkling spring evening. Went up Monroe and then over on 10th. It wasn't until Post Parkside that I saw anyone else walking -- rest of the fools were home complaining about the "rain." The walk to Midtown station was around two miles I guess, but not bad. Took the train back and on Forsyth Street Downtown looked so beautiful, calm, everything glistening like in those car ads... :)

As an example of the way technology actually EATS our time, I got home and went to find my mobile, which I had discovered missing from my bag earlier. I looked the usual places but couldn't locate it. I ended up spending around 15 minutes calling the number on my landline, hearing the ring but not being able to locate the source. I tore my (messy) bed apart, dumped out my bag, looked under the bed, shut off the fan... And finally I found the bugger in the pocket of a jacket in the closet. It was pretty comical, I must admit.

And that, my friends, is I think all.
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