March 19th, 2003

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I am SO awake!

Darn, and no wonder, when brushing my teeth, I thought about FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy and Reporting) and on a whim, checked their web site and found this puppy!

ACTION ALERT: In Iraq Crisis, Networks Are Megaphones for Official Views

Looking at two weeks of coverage (1/30/03-2/12/03), FAIR examined the 393 on-camera sources who appeared in nightly news stories about Iraq on ABC World News Tonight, CBS Evening News, NBC Nightly News and PBS's NewsHour with Jim Lehrer. The study began one week before and ended one week after Secretary of State Colin Powell's February 5 presentation at the U.N., a time that saw particularly intense debate about the idea of a war against Iraq on the national and international level.

More than two-thirds (267 out of 393) of the guests featured were from the United States. Of the U.S. guests, a striking 75 percent (199) were either current or former government or military officials...


FAIR people authored a great book called Unreliable Sources in the early 90s that consists of a lot of very telling studies of U.S. media over time, doing things like surveying all the talk shows and doing breakdowns of whose talking or counting MINUTES of views expressing one side versus the other.
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Orange, Red, Delta alerts and all that jazz

I came back from lunch to find a message from the security director at the institution where I work and it's hot shit:

I have recently been informed that [Military Base] in [City] which houses GTRI's [City] operations, will be going to Force Protection DELTA by noon today. All non-essential personnel are being asked to leave.

RSD checked with the Navy Base Security at [XXX AFB} in [City], and there are no plans to go to their Delta unless a specific threat is determined. Therefore, all GTRI [Facility] personnel should not experience any changes to access UNLESS the Navy increases the Force Protection Level. We have been assured access to our facility but we may incur some delay due to Base personnel being turned away. Please keep this in mind when going to and from [Facility]. Also, make sure any visitors to [Facility] have been cleared through [Facility] Research Security in advance @ [number here].

It is anticipated that GTRI [Facility] will remain at ORANGE while GTRI's facilities on campus will go to RED once war commences. You can expect one way in - one way out, 100% package checks (try to bring the least necessary during this condition to avoid delays), parking restrictions surrounding the building, loading dock closures and more stringent visitor control. Any questions can be directed to [Seucirty Director] @ [number here] or the Command Center @ [number here].

We hope to return to ORANGE on campus as soon as possible.

I'm telling you, I am going to be VERY vigilant about not forgetting my work ID badge, otherwise I'd be screwed. At least I don't work in the other building I used to work in, where I know they'd be searching my bag and patting me down every time I came in and out.

Today I had lunch with Lea, the director of communications here and one of the few people I really really like at work, and we are waiting to see if they make me disassemble/neuter our web site AGAIN to remove "sensitive" information. They had better not, since everything is supposed to have been gone over so there is something that constitutes any kind of real "intelligence," but still, I wouldn't like to do that AT ALL.
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I actually did some new icons today that are NOT my own face! Here is one of them. Yay! Credit for artwork goes to the brilliant Ruby, whose drool-worthy Wraeththu Tarot Deck is still under development.
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WOW that was close

Funny thing about living amidst the skyscrapers here in Atlanta. When the lightning hits, BOY does it hit! My whole building (16 stories) just shook top to bottom. DAMN!