March 20th, 2003

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OK, I was going to bed and I thought, OK, after retreating for a few hours, I will go check on CNN...

where the headline is currently:


While I am relieved that nobody has actually been decapitated, still... EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeek! What an image!
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CNN, Storms, Bombs

So right after I saw that "DECAPITATION ATTACK" headline on the CNN web site (which is still there, surprisingly), I shut off the computer and decided to eat something before bed. Well, because I'm a glutton for punishment, I turned on the TV and yeah, tuned in to you-know-what. I was just in time to see Saddam Hussein making his address on Iraqi TV! How fortuitous!

Unfortunately, not so fortuitously, after less than ten minutes CNN seems to have lost the feed and then *I* lost CNN. The screen went black and DirectTV said the signal was gone. Hmmmm. There was a big storm going on so I knew it was probably that but still I was worried that something had happened to CNN. That isn't an idle worry for me either since CNN headquarters is literally a like 4 blocks away.

So CNN being gone, I went to bed. Wouldn't you know that the thunder was horrendous and kept reminding me of bombs. And then for some reason, at 1 a.m., there were all these planes flying over Downtown. Seemed an odd time for that and plus, with the storm and all, I wondered how it was I could actually hear them. Naturally I couldn't sleep because I was just thinking about what-if scenarios. Then I had dreams filled with black smoke and darkening skies over the desert.
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Corporate cutbacks, red alerts

Two lunchtime events highlight the state of the station pretty well:

I just went out to lunch and when I got there, the place was closed. I had been going to the BellSouth corporate cafeteria, only a few months old and a favorite spot of mine, mainly because of their cheap, subsidized salad bar. When I went in the lobby, however, the guards looked at me weird and asked where I was going. Turns out they've closed their cafeteria since, with the economy what it is for telecom companies, they really can't afford it. I ended up going across the street to The Shoppes at BellSouth, the old mall/foodcourt located in their headquarters building. Had a crappy veggie sub at Subway instead.

After that I headed back to work, walking through campus is a disappointed haze. When I got to my building, I was greeted by a bright red laminated "RED: EXTREME ALERT" placard on the door. They had it on orange for a few weeks, then it went to yellow last week, then orange again, and now red. If I worked in the other building, I've been searched I bet.
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next time everybody disagrees with me, i am going to find some crazies on the street, get them to agree and like our president, call them the "coalition of the willing."
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NY Times is soooooo cool... er not

And before you think I'm going to comment on their war coverage, no, that's not what this is about. I wanted to comment on this story they just did on college students using their custom instant message "away" messages as a means of communication, social positions, hobby, obsession. It's just such a classic Times story, where they cover a social trend in society almost like they're anthropogists explaining some foreign culture. It reminds me of their original review of "A Hard Day's Night" when they wrote about "the lads." LOL. Anyway, to cut to the chase:

Making a Statement, in Absentia*

(* I think you have to be registered to read this, but registration is free and in my opinion, everybody should be registered and reading the times at least occasionally, so no biggie.)
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Powerful photos

Good photo essays really move me. This one is about life in Iraq. Be sure to check out the second-from-last picture with the giant tiled George W. mosaic entrance floor at the hotel in Baghdad, which you must walk on to enter the hotel.

LIFE IN IRAQ Photo Essay