March 22nd, 2003

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Um, is there a reason?

I mean, why does hot wine (hot spiced sugared wine, to be specific) make me so much drunker than anything? Sweet hot alcoholic stuff knocks me off my ass. Not that any drink ever invented doesn't do that, but the hot stuff self me sliding off the sofa in like a minute. I originally had it thinking I could write but no, I think it wobbles my brain too much. Anyways, ramblings... Is there a reason?
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Wow, media criticism from the NY Times!

I have managed to watch SOME war coverage on TV, both CNN and Fox, and based on that, I'd say this media crit piece is pretty fascinating:

TV Watch: Showing 'Shock and Awe,' but No Blood

In the swirl of confusing facts, the first scenes of the invasion of Iraq were astonishingly clear. Television did more than bring viewers closer to the front lines of battle than ever before, however. It looked at warfare through an entirely new prism.

Television cameras' usual route to battle is the trail left by its victims. Whether in Kosovo, Israel, Chechnya or Afghanistan, combat is mostly conveyed by shots of a crowded refugee tent or a collapsed high-rise, a bloodied sidewalk, a full hospital ward or an open grave.

This time, the Pentagon took viewers on a thrilling ride-along with the warriors. Videophones, portable satellites and night-sight scopes brought the world a riveting display of American power, but it was a sanitized look, showing a little sweat, not blood and tears....


...A few seemed so caught up in the adrenaline of battle and the thrill of access they sounded like sports reporters on the sidelines of the Super Bowl. "How do you feel about your performance tonight?" Frank Buckley of CNN, assigned to the aircraft carrier Constellation, asked a pilot who had just returned from a bombing mission over Baghdad. The pilot replied that he was just glad everyone had returned unharmed.


...What they generally did not see in the first phase of the invasion of Iraq were very many Iraqis.
"When I looked at the news on television, it did not look like anyone had been killed or was in danger of being killed," Amelie Hastie, a professor of film and digital media at the University of California at Santa Cruz. "It didn't look like anybody was even living in Iraq."

Full article here, reg. required I think
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The Metro Girl Mailbag

Recently I got a dumb email via my web site, Metro Girl. Putting into the folder where I keep such things (non-client emails, a.k.a. fan mail, hate mail, etc.) it occured to me that it might be worthwhile to share the sort of things people write in. The emails range from people who think my zine "The Thrift Shop" is a real thrift store (although it CLEARLY isn't!) to people getting super hot and bothered by my New Hampshire bashing essay to people calling me their hero to some usual passes people have made at me.

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