March 25th, 2003

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Time to do something with this hair

Somebody at work just told me "Your hair has been looking more and more conservative and business-like." I told him that wasn't my intention. Just this morning I was thinking about taking my copper dye and using it for spot color... Sigh. This weekend when Caleb is gone I'm getting it cut (so I can tousle it again) and coloring it somehow or other.

'Godness' in the universe

From now on, next time somebody asks me what my religious and spiritual beliefs are, I will try and remember this quote, at least to cover part of it.

If you can suppose that we create reality through our perceptions, including our own futures, through the way we act and react in the present, and how we perceive the world around us, then it should be possible to effect changes in our lives through the the imposition of will. Simply put, this is positive thinking. If you have a bad self image, more likely than not life will often appear to be a barrel of shit. You can become a victim, sucked into an ever-descending spiral of defeatism and pessimism. If you can empower your self image, re-program yourself, then you should be able to cope with life in a much more positive frame of mind and the knocks, when they come, are not so debilitating.

One way of doing this is by using the props, both physical and psychological, of ritual. When you create a god-form in your imagination, I think you are really creating a more powerful aspect of yourself (if you suppose that what you imagine comes solely from your own mind.) Addressing this symbol, whether through prayer or celebration, means you are accessing a stronger part of yourself. This inner strength is what I see as 'Godness' in the universe, the cohesive and binding energy. I don't see god as being apart from us, but that god-energy is within us. I read somewhere that god is a verb rather than a noun.

This comes from a really old interview with Storm.
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It's a bird, it's a plane, no, it's WORK!

Just when I despairing over ever getting any REAL WORK here at, ugh, WORK, one of the software dev managers comes up to me and says "Lovely graphic designer?" and I say "Yes, Scott?" and he says "I've got a job for you!" Not like software development is my driving passion but it IS something to do and this system sounds way more fun than the previous system I had to work out, which was our institute's internal procurement card accounting system. This sysmte is for the Ga. Tech Coop System, so basically it'll let students search for jobs, post their resumes, apply for job, track them while they're working, handle evals, let them rate employers, etc. So basically a job application. I also like the team I'll be working with -- Scott is a good guy and Alan, who will be doing the actual programming part of it, is a damn genius. Now I have to read the project proosal and requirements docs, so pardon me.
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