March 30th, 2003

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The house is pick up...

I do not want to prep my taxes. I do not want to prep my taxes. I do not want to prep my taxes. I do not want to prep my taxes. I do not want to prep my taxes. I do not want to prep my taxes.

I do not want to do work for my clients either.

It's sunny out. I want to go try out the rollerskates I bought last fall.

Grrrr. I am going in the the shower now to hide and endure the battle of wills going on between angel and devil aspects... :>o
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I should've got a CPA

Ugh... I'm entering all my biz expenses onto a spreadsheet based on an MS Money report and all these receipts I have. Sigh. I just realized that somehow I never entered the purchase of my digital camera into Money. And I wonder why the balance on my credit card is always f'd up! Ugh. Good news is, I have the receipt and all, no sweat, bad news is, I am such a damn clod, I really should get someone to handle my accounts.

*two minutes later*

Oops, now when I went to edit it, the form started filling itself out, already knowing the payee, and somehow NOW I see where it's entered. It's right where it was supposed to be, back in May 2002. Where was I looking before? I have no idea. Sigh. Next year I vow: No business expenses, only income! Yeah, that'd be nice, huh?
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OK, tax work sucks BUT

I just discovered that last year my home business made 2 1/2 times what it made the year before. At the same time, my expenses were only $200 more. Which goes to prove, I really *was* working my butt off, esp. when I had those 2 mortgages to pay, because it's hourly charges which are causing the difference, nothing else. So thank you Tunnel-Spangler Association, Tom Haney, Eminence, Nikky Finney and all my other customers.

Now the question is, what will the taxes be on this? No such thing as having your cake and eating it too, unfortunately :(

Also, did I mention I need a CPA? I should know if my company is making money BEFORE I do my taxes, shouldn't I? Errrrgh.
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