March 31st, 2003

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Very Aggravating Equation

Microsoft + Gateway + Virus Protection Software + Fluky Broadband Networking = HELL

Ugh. Let's just say I had to set MSN Messenger NOT to connect upon startup because I decided it was probably driving my Contacts batting to see me come online, oh, 10 times an hour I restarted my system or restarted itself (the thing has a mind of its own).

On the good news side of things, Caleb called me yesterday from Bonn and seems to be having a fab trip.
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Went to Boston for lunch

I just went someplace that reminded me of home, a.k.a. Boston area. It was a sub shop notable for having a "Sub Nazi," being extremely grubby and being wicked cheap. Oh, and it had good subs. I think the fact that I very often associate "grubby" things with Boston is telling.

On a related note, the two places in Atlanta that remind me most of NYC are condos in my neighborhood (esp. the William-Oliver!) and the Varsity, which is one of the only fast-food places I've ever been in that is actually FAST. I have no idea how those slow-talking Ga Tech types manage to place their orders without getting flustered, as both types I was in there I couldn't believe how quick they were, and that was when I had just been living in NYC and had practice!
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So I went and had my hair done this weekend so I could avoid having it look so boring. For $12 a lady totally did the job. I told her I was going to wear it messy and she should use those special thinning scissors on me. By the time she got to doing that part, my hair was dry and it looked like she was brushing a shedding golden retriever, my hair is so gold and fluffy. It's not hair, it's fur. Anyway, now it's all spiky and I am happy, although I still keep wanting to throw gobs of red dye in it so it will look like flames. Maybe I'll do that when I go to England.
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