April 1st, 2003

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For a while earlier this year I was excited that my parents might come down to visit me, but then I got frustrated because Mom said Dad's health might not allow it so they'd have to wait. I originally wanted them to come in April. Well, Dad had his regular stress test last week and they found that while his heart and bipass work are OK, the circulation in his legs is really messed up, which is why he's having trouble walking. So now he's going to have some angioscopy to clear that up or even surgery if it's really bad. I feel sort of numb but at the same time I am worried because this is the same thing that has happened to every person in his family. They all have bad hearts, kidneyes, diabetes and then their legs go bad and from then on, it's a sliding slope. I've decided I will have to fly up there soon to see them, as I know my dad always misses me and anyway I should see him while I still can :(
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OK, it's weird, but I am actually enjoying designing software. The fact that the programmer I'm working with is an incredibly hard-working, articulate genius helps a lot :) Off to do the prototypes... Wheee!
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Anyone know of some specific kind of music that's a really good cover for somebody with a loud voice who keeps YAPPING?


When I was roommate with a lover of really, really bad hip hop, I used to have to write my Wednesday night art criticism papers while listening to the soundtracks to The Piano and Propsero's Books screeching in my ears. It was the only thing that could mask the disgusting CRAP* she used to listen to.

Wait, IDEA! Maybe it would work in this case too! Must bring the CDs tomorrow!

* Bone Thugs is just NOT my thing, sorry... And if I ever hear "Down Low" again I will have a flashback and starting humming Michael Nyman really loud...
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Note To Self, Warning To Others

Walking the 2 miles to work wearing boots with almost 3-inch heels is not recommended, even if they DO go with your outfit.

Ugh. My feet. Glad I take the bus HOME.

Oh, and don't read a book in bright spring sunlight while wearing your glasses. It has rather a nasty effect on the head. And aspirin does not help.
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Sometimes procrastination is rational

About a week ago one of my clients emailed me asking for an estimate on me setting up a forum system. Based on his requirements, I knew it was going to something where I'd actually have to think about it and explain all the functions of the system and how I would handle it. I put it off for a week and then today I wrote and said "Um, sorry the estimate is taking a while, I swear I will do it in a day or two, I'm really sorry" (I have charm, I can get away with this). So he writes back saying it HAS to be done for TOMORROW evening so the proposal can be discussed at a board meeting.

Well, egad, I got my act together and did it and damn if it didn't take me almost two hours to do an estimate on the thing. I found out stuff about that system I didn't even know! I hope I get that job, as I did a flat fee instead of hourly and I bet it won't take very long for me to do *eg*

Now I'm going to have dinner: tapioca pudding!
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