April 2nd, 2003

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I give up

Excuse me, but I have to rant a bit about my family and the fact that they seem intent on not seeing me.

So I've wanted my parents to come visit for a long time and OK, they can't. And although for a long time they were just procrastinating and making excuses, now they have a real reason to stay home.

OK, I understand. But now when I write my mom asking if I could come visit THEM in June, I am getting these emails back listing all these things that might interfere, including all this other family stuff, maybe staying at my sister Betty's time share, a first communion for my niece Genevieve, Mom going to a church conference... It's so many things it confuses me! Mom had me write Betty and ask details and she's telling me I should fly to Albany, they could pick me up there because it's close than Boston, blah, blah, blah... And I'm like CAN I JUST COME VISIT? Sheesh, make it more complicated, will you?

This is the same family that includes a sister who visit Atlanta for three days, staying at a hotel 10 minutes walk away and only arranged to hang out with me for 2 hours (at World of Coke) and a brother who lived in Greenwich Village just a few blocks from me for two months but "out of consideration for my privacy" only saw me like 5 times the whole summer. I will give him credit for stopping by my apartment here in Atlanta one time when his plane got overnight delayed but...

I don't know. Nobody calls me, I don't call anyone, they all talk to one another, nobody talks to me. We get along fine, it's some kind of closed loop as far as anyone communicating with me or wanting to hang out.
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ice cream


OK, I admit, this is from an actual chat whose file I just dug up on my hard drive. I think you can tell who's who :)

Pashtarina says: weird, I am suddenly surrounded by a smell of perfume!!!

Lester says: Are you alone?

Pashtarina says: yes

Lester says: Hmm.

Pashtarina says: It's really strong

Lester says: I kept smelling chocolate in my house today.

Lester says: Only there wasn't any chocolate near where I kept smelling it.

Pashtarina says: something in the aethers. lol

Lester says: Has to be my diet, he he.

Pashtarina says: If you fart chocolate, Wend, you're lucky! lol

He he. Minds in the gutter.
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MSN Poll on the War

FYI, MSN is running a survey on the war. Multiple questions with Strongly Agree, Somewhat Agree, Somewhat Disagree, etc. When I filled it out and saw the results... Well, YUCK is pretty much all I can say.

Questions are:
1. Was the U.S. justified in leading an attack on Iraq?
2. Should the U.N. weapons inspectors have been given more time?
3. How much do you agree or disagree with the following statement? President Bush has done a good job of leading the U.S. at a time of international crisis
4. How much do you agree or disagree with the following statement? The conduct of the war has been appropriate.
5. How much do you agree or disagree with the following statement? The U.S. decision to attack Iraq has caused significant damage to our international image.
6. How much do you agree or disagree with the following statement? War protests in the U.S. are anti-American.
7. How much do you agree or disagree with the following statement? The war in Iraq will lead to more terrorism in the U.S.


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The Name Meme

I like this thing going the rounds because I can always talk about my name. I'm often forced to :>o

1. What does your first name mean?

Wendy: The standard entymology for this goes: "First used in J. M. Barrie's play 'Peter Pan' in 1904. It was from the nickname fwendy "friend", given to the author by a young friend." It's also often said that the name was based on Gwendolyn. However, according to wendy.com, that's not the whole story and it had been a name earlier, he just popularized it... and apparently this influenced a certain German American lady to pick that name for her kid even though said kid's name was going to match the book character's ;)

BTW, although Wendy is an English name, it's also a Chinese name. I used to be able to write it in Chinese easily.

2. What does your middle name mean?

Christine: This is derives as follows:

--> French and English form of CHRISTINA
--> CHRISTINA is Feminine form of CHRISTIAN
--> CHRISTIAN is, duh, from a medieval Latin name that meant "Christian"

3. What does your last name mean?

Darling: I think that should be obvious!

4. So what does your name mean when put together?

Let's see... Cute Anglo-Saxon Christian Girl Who Likes Boys Who Don't Want to Grow Up?????

5. What would you have been named if you were the opposite gender?

Probably my parents would have picked something really lame and Anglo-Saxon... I'm guessing William or Henry.

Incidentally, I was almost named Gretchen.

6. Any other name oddities?

I have enough name oddities and stories that I could write a freakin' book. The name connection, coupled with the last name being "cute" and/or "food for smalltalk" and people in the South just loooooving it, is pretty significant. I will say that it has actually worked for me very well, as nobody ever forgets my name and everybody can spell it. Sure, I'd love to be named Wiebke Gisela Freudenberg or something but it'd be a hassle.

Oh, and one other thing related... I've decided that if and when I start getting published, I'm going to use my real name even though everybody will think it's a pseudonym, esp. when it's fantasy. Storm said it at least make an easy interview question for me. (And she should know, as everybody speculates on her name.)
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Another trip?

So Caleb just emailed and apparently he wants to go back to Germany ALREADY, this time in December for Marja & Claudia's wedding (or joining or whatever they will call it). I hope I can go!

This is all SO funny to me as I have been a Deutschophile, card-carrying member of Goethe Institut for years, minor in German, all this, and he was never really interested in going there or anything and now that we finally went he is infatuated.

Tomorrow I will report on what presents he brings back me and Daniel.
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Preparing for my closeup

So someday when somebody is interviewing me about my writing and asks me what makes me unique as a writer, you think I should say it's that in preparation for writing sessions I get drunk on Manischewitz wine / Black Currant Looza cocktails? Sometimes it's amaretto. Tonight thought, Manischewitz all the way, two big wine glasses full. The blackberry is the best and heck, I have to say, it is the cheapest best thing as far as I'm concerned. Yum! Boy, did that limber me up and I finally, finally, FINALLY got the writing Chapter 4 (and these are long-ass BOOK chapters) done. Whoopee!

*giggly sleepily*
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