April 3rd, 2003

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Flashback trigered by song

The first time I danced in public was for a videotaped performance for my local access show "Wiebke's World." The rest of the cast and crew, even the guy who had chosen the song, "She Blinded Me With Science," thought my dancing was an act. Little did they know.

I really wish I had some chance of retrieving the tape of that show, as the video came out fantastic. I was wearing mainly white clothes except for a black belt, black sunglasses and various other black accessories. Then I stood in front of a blue screen and used in-studio magic to make part of my body disappear/appear over this completely wacked "Video Toaster" demo tape we had, so my body would be intersected with chess boards, fields of stars, comets. It was so totally cool.

Theme song to "Wiebke's World," incidentally, was DM's "Never Let Me Down." That show was very... hmmm... weird 80s I guess.
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I think I should ask them to call me Wendy "The Rock" Darling.

A mind is a terrible thing to waste

This is what happens when you let Wendy insert dummy data into page prototypes...

Research Project Titles for ITTL's Computer Networking Division:
Reprobate Kung-Fu Master Wireless Project
Retroactive Network Privileges
Presenting the Invisible
Wireless Hotel Modules

Meantime, I should add that said page prototypes are part of a project to which I am heroically applying myself due to the ill health of my supervisor. I basically was given about 25 pages of mockups with notes scribbled on them, then told to add in various columns, headings, dummy data, etc. I just finished it and now have been told probably I will be pulled in for 4 hours tomorrow and probably next week as well.
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So I listen to the VH1 80s channel a LOT and have been tuning in from before VH1 bought it. Over time, I've heard a lot of songs a LOT, including a lot of songs I don't want to hear and which I rarely will tolerate more than 5 seconds of before I yell "Skip!" and click on the "No more!" button.

In the interest of exposing just what 80s music I do NOT like:

  • Terence Trent D'Arby
  • Fine Young Cannibals
  • The Communards
  • Echo and the Bunnymen (actually I like them a lot, I just hate the songs VH1 plays, which are the Doors covers)
  • Alison Moyet (and/or any band she was even in)
  • J.J. Fad (it's funny for like 5 seconds)
  • Deborah Gibson
  • Blondie
  • Pat Benatar
  • Inxs (even before I know it's them, I got "What is this SHIT?")
  • Frankie Goes to Hollywood
  • Oingo Boingo
  • Bow Wow Wow
  • J. Geils Band

Ugh. Shudder. I know somebody will come up saying they love one or more of these listed and that's fine. Just... Better you than me, as they give me fits.

On a related note, the other day I decided to listen to the VH1 "Top Albums" station and I swear, it was comical how fast I discovered a commonality among the SKIPs there. In about 30 minutes I found myself skipping over Guns 'n Roses, AC/DC, Metallica and two other metal bands. The funny thing is, my best friend growing up was SO into those bands and I used to listen to them with her a lot but now I just HATE them. (Well, except for a few songs like "Pour Some Sugar on Me" and "Paradise City," which have too many good memories.)
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ice cream

I got pwessents!

Caleb got back from Germany today and whoo hoo! did I get some nice gifts, plus some things I asked him to buy and will reinburse him for.


  • Salzige Herringe ("Salty Herring," one of my fav. candies, which are salted black licorice fishies)
  • Katje's Kinder (black licorice cats... this brand claims to have high iron and calcium content


  • 3 pairs of really nice German Strumphosen (tights: fuzzy green fishnets, weird 80s slashed ones, black & silver sparkles)
  • thigh-high black fishnets
  • 2 pairs of undies (Marja told Caleb she thought I needed new ones)


  • Wendy magazine... German children's magazine focusing on girl who really likes horses and small animals... kind makes me feel like puking, it's so sickening cute in a not-THIS-Wendy sort of way

Way better presents than I got for Christmas! He sure knows what I like!
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