April 5th, 2003

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Overwhelmed... in a good way

OK, friends, I think I have now officially passed the disbelief stage and just going to have to accept that for some strange reason, Storm has chosen to bless me.

Two things today:

First thing this morning, I get the initial draft of the program for the Grissecon Wraeththu fan convention this October. I already knew that as somebody doing a workshop and as editor of Inception, I was being listed as a V.I.P., put on the posters, and getting free hotel and reg., etc. And they had also asked me if I would do some introductions on stage but OK, I get the program notes and

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OK, like that was not too overwhelming, I then get to chatting with Storm and she drops a bombshell on me. She's been talking about getting into self-publishing, since in the U.K., she'd had a hard time getting some of her stuff published (in the U.S. she has 3 publishers at least). She's looked into it and modern self-pub is affordable and quality and efficient. Anyway, she's about to start seriously setting up a self-pub outfit called Immanion Press. It'll start out with 10 ISBNs and she'll start putting out mainly Wraeththu-related stuff. First there will be the publication of her *rewrites* of the original books, then a bunch of other stuff... INCLUDING the fanfic novel Mercredi and I wrote!!!!!


She already wrote me fan mail about it, has chatted with me about it, is using the character Lisia in her latest book, etc., but now she wants to basically put it out there as a fanfic BOOK. She even offered to be our editor and work with it on it to get it a bit more ready to go. This might not happen if there is some issue with how the print operation works out, but she is committed to it and of course Mercredi and I said "Hell yes!" so for now, I'm thinking it's going to happen at some point. A book! Of fanfic! Published!

I really can't overemphasize how much my life has changed b/c of Storm and/or how much finding Storm has allowed me to change my life. And I only have one month and I can give her a big in-person THANK YOU!
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