April 6th, 2003

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Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream*

Dreamt I had been sent somewhere for work to go to a conference or take a class or something. I think I'd also built in a little R&R time. So the dream started out with this whole section of me staying with some friends who had a house on a lake they'd rebuilt so that the bathroom hung out over the lake and the floor was made of rocks with the water flowing directly underneath. Somewhow the bathroom was really nice *and* sanitary!

Anyway, I don't remember the first half of the dream much, mainly the second half. In that part, I was at my class or business meeting or whatever it was when I ran into a problem. The detail escapes me, but basically they were trying to have me do something for them and were checking my backgroud when suddenly they were like "Oh, my, you really need to get back in high school and learn this stuff!" They acted like I had received some sub-par high school education, which I protested, saying actually the opposite was true, but they insisted they needed to send me off to this special high school that would take me in, no questions asked, so I could go there for a semester or two and receive special training I really should have got as a teeenager.

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* Speaking of, anybody else like that song? My sister Nancy used to have an LP of Arlo Guthrie doing that and my nephew Ian used to go around, all of 2 years old, saying "last night I hat da strangest dweem!"
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Happy icon

I noticed I didn't have any happy icon. I had ones for weary, depressed, annoyed, thoughtful... but no happy.

So here is a happy one!

See the results of all those years of dental work I was forced through? Mom had it all done through the Boston U. School of Dentistry, a very cheap but highly effective way to correct tooth problems when you have five kids, three of them in college :)
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Caleb is working on my taxes right now. I am scared. Not of him doing them, since he is very competent and thorough (and has done them for the past 4 years I think) but of what the result will be. I had a lot more income from my part-time business last year but, alas, that income was gross, not net, and no taxes were taken out. He said yesterday he thought that even reporting all my expenses and deductions and factoring the monster taxes I paid on my FT job, he thought I would owe a few thousand. I haven't actually had to pay taxes in a long, long time, as I always get a refund, even last year. I'm nervous because I have enough saved to easily pay off some unexpected tax bill but who really wants to get that news?

So this could be the last day of reckless ignorance. And the day I do a budget.

ADDENDUM: Whoopee, Caleb once again proves that he is worth the nuisance, he he :) After his magic, I only owed about $100 on federal and the State of GA owes me a couple hundred dollar refund. For his four hours of effort doing something I would not be able to do by myself without going through serious hell and pleading for his (and the immedidate world's) help, I actually paid him half the refund. It was worth it.
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malibran just sent me some pictures to resize. He'll put them on his own LJ soon but meantime, here is one I like showing Caleb and me waiting for the train. I look annoyed; I probably was.

Oddly, I notice I'm wearing that exact same outfit today. I was thinking all day "When did I wear this?" because I remember we all thought I was dressed like our neighbor Tom Haney.

Anyhow the pic:

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