April 7th, 2003

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People not getting it

My family refuses to believe that a) I really do live 1200 miles away and b) airplane tickets aren't as easy to pick up as groceries.

Witness this P.S. from a letter from oldest sister:

PS Mom and Dad's anniversary is coming up and I think we are all getting
together Saturday at Betty's. No cheap fares?

Hmmm. I will LOOK I guess but... um... I'd be surprised to find something. Who knows...

ADDENDUM: As I suspected, the cheapest flights are like $450. Call be stubborn and selfish, but when normal tickets, which I could have PLANNED on, are like $160, I really don't feel like springing for a a last minute trip.
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Good, God, whoever programmed this survey is twisted


Come get your fortune read!

Created by ptocheia


Oh, and too bad my friend X is not longer on my Friends list and I'm no longer on his because he would get a kick out of this. Not that he's not my friend in RL, but he decided he didn't want any RL friends (including his bf) on his Friends list or listing him as a Friend. Too much "drama," or so I gather. I never saw any, but obviously I must be blind.
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Sense of foreboding

Chatting with Mercredi about my supervisor and how her oncoming future motherhood could end up affecting me, I came to the unhappy realization that her dute date is right exactly around the time I go to England. SHIT! I'm thinking the tickets should be bought NOW because ain't no way I'm skipping out on a 2-year-in-the-making convention so I can stick around and make sure an intranet and a web site keep updated. Work the damn production schedule around me, will ya?!
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And one MORE note!

A guy at my work referred a friend to me as a potential web designer to re-do his web site. Talked to him on the phone today for more than an hour going over his plans. Sounds like a fat-ass contract, lots of work, and the guess is totally smart, even knows what usability is and is for it, rather a novelty. Whoo hoo!
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