April 8th, 2003

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It all seems to stupid

So if I can't watch or listen to the news or read national/international section of the paper, does that mean I have a serious sticking-my-head-in-the-sand problem? I *was* a newsjunkie, now I seriously can't stand to even hear about what is going on. I feel bad about this because what's on the news represents the lives and deaths of both Iraqis and Americans and I should be able to deal with images and discussions of that, since all this is going on at the sanction of my government, but I really can't deal with it. I haven't given up but I can never last that long before I wither.

In conclusion:

It all seems to stupid / It makes me want to give up / But why should I give up / When it all seems so stupid?
- Depeche Mode
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After a couple weeks of falling off the wagon and eating and drinking milk and dairy products when I *know* I shouldn't, I am once more convinced I should avoid it L( My stomach is upset and gets very hot and my breath is smelling like sewage (TMI maybe, but then again, few of you must face that in RL).

I've never had a read test whether I'm lactose intolerant but several doctors have told me that and my own tests changing my diet habits seem to prove it. I am curious how bad it is, however, and am thinking of having an actual l-i test done. I would not be surprised if the hydrogen test shows I am a waking fume-generator :(

Meanwhile I just found a really good fact sheet on it and found out some surprising stuff, like how many non-dairy foods have lactose in them. Most lactose-intolerant people can eat these non-dairy foods because they're not that sensitive but some extra sensitives types will be bothered, which is what makes me want to know how sensitive I am.

I also found out that many types of birth control bills contain lactose. On my bathroom counter I have the lactose pills and pill pills side by side. Doh! So should I take the lactose pill before I have the pill pill?
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Grown-up Little Boys*

You know some highly talented CNN.com graphic artists, animators and modelers must have have fun doing this special feature:

War In Iraq: Forces: Weapons
Like, whoah, every weapon and vehicle you can think of, Coalition/Iraqi... in 3D!

Personally, I have always been amazed how many guys, even guys I wouldn't think would know, can just glance up at some random heliocopter or jet and say "Oh, yeah, that's a BXX-24 YadaDestro TX equipped with a..." like they are walking encyclopedias of military aircraft and weaponry. Like... how do they know that? Did they study it? Where was I?

* And yes, I know probably some of the people in this project were women.
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