April 11th, 2003

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Musical First and Favs

It's the Friday Five*

1. What was the first band you saw in concert?

I never really went to any concerts as teenager except for a lot of folk and classical, usually ones associated with either my parents or school. Sadly, the first professional like *band* I saw in concert was probably the double bill of Bay City Rollers and Showaddywaddy I saw at the Rheinauerfest in Germany during the summer of 1992. The highlight of that concert was the fact that during the Showaddywaddy, a Classic Rock cover band, I happened to be positioned right behind a rather large group of German scenesters who were all done up in high-1950s fashion with greasy pompodours, leather jackets, white T-shirts with cigarette in the sleeves, poodle-skirted girls, etc. The guys were getting all down and dirty, swing dancing witht ladies and yelling "Rock und Roll, Baybeeeee!" LOL, they were the coolest dorks ever!

2. Who is your favorite artist/band now?

Um. That is rather a difficult question but... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I would have to offer a toss-up between Bjork and Depeche Mode. Squeeze in Madonna if you can but that is much more for performance than actual music.

3. What's your favorite song?

Can anyone realllllly answer this? I am too attached to too many songs to really pick one. However, I think possibly I could offer up "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" as my all-time timeless favorite. I used to sing it as a child over and over. The fact that the song is (in my mind) about finding someplace wonderful where you are free, not in trouble, and not getting teased is key.

If happy little bluebirds fly / beyond the rainbow / why or why can't I?

4. If you could play any instrument, what would it be?


5. If you could meet any musical icon (past or present), who would it be and why?

I think I must say Beethoven or Mozart, just because I wonder what they were really like.

* fridayfive.org
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Leave it to my friend, the wacky Tom Haney to send me this link:


WARNING: This IS the song that never ends. Or make that the Flash movie that never ends. Or at least the Flash voiceover :)
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Best wishes to my nephew

This is certainly an atypical post for me but...

My nephew Will is once again in serious health crisis. He's about five and he's gone through dozens of surgeries, poor thing. His stomach and intestines are once again not working and depending on how the surgery goes, he could end up *starving* to death :( Even though Will is so disabled -- partially deaf, blind, cerebral palsy, can't walk or talk, etc. -- he's outpaced by infants, everybody in our family loves him dearly. He's such a sweet thing. He is very cheerful and smiles a lot. We all think he actually knows what is going on around him, because he so often reacts to it and seems like he is trying to communicate back, so I hope he understands how much wishes him to do well and get through this without too much pain.

I'm pretty awful about praying but I will be thinking about this weekend.
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Actual conversation

Overheard at World Market. Two young men stocking up the cheeses and mineral water.

GUY 1: Wait, wait, wait, you got a Starbucks card?

GUY 2 (sheepish): Well, yeah, just so I--

GUY 1: Wait, no, come on, you're "supporting Earth Day" by getting a Starbucks card? I can't believe--

GUY 2: Well, it was really because of this other special thing they're having... You get entered for a contest to win a Vespa!

GUY 1: So that's how they got you? I can't believe they have to even promote, like they're not selling enough coffee!

GUY 2: But I really want one of those -- a Vespa. I'm sick of taking MARTA! A Vespa'd be quicker.

GUY 1: So you think buying a Starbucks card will really get you one?


I was amused by this -- far more so than I was by the ickiness I had to endure at the MARTA bus stop. Classic Dirty Old Man encounter, where I get stuck waiting for a bus or riding on with some creepy old guy who starts up conversation with me with obvious intent to "get to know me" and keep staring at me (supposedly) convertedly and undressing me with their eyes. Ew. This guy was African and not too too gross but he was realllly making me want to walk to the next bus stop. He asked if the food was for my kids and I said no, no kids, so then he asked if I was single so of course I lied and said no, I had a boyfriend. Then he told me that me and my boyfriend should have kids. Shit. Ew! Anyway, I almost told him I'd forgotten something I needed to get back at the market. Once we were both on the bus, I sat right by the drive and pretended like playing Solitaire on my Palm was of VITAL importance! The guy was eyeing me the ENTIRE way. Total creep fest. Ick.
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