April 15th, 2003

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Considering I walk to walk, this is not good

So all day yesterday my knee was really, really bugging me and I'm worrying about it. Getting into bet, I scream when I lift it into the bed because apparently whatever muscles or tendons you use for that is the one that is messed up. So I manage to settle in and my leg doesn't hurt because the joint is straightened out. Fine. I fall asleep.

At 6 a.m., I wake up to the most enormous charlie horse in my other leg. After about ten minutes of me blowing out air like I'm having a baby -- this is the only way I can seem to cope with such pain -- the primary pain fades, although if I move my leg at all, I can feel all the muscles twitching. Great. So I fall asleep.

At 7, I wake up again and wonder "Hmmm, if both my legs are messed up, how will I get up?" When I get up, however, my knee seems much, much better. Great! Unfortunately, I can't use the other leg for around ten minutes, as the charlie horse pretty much made it impossible for me to put any weight on my foot.

In the shower, I turned the water on really hot and aimed it at my calf. Mmmmmm, that was niiiiiice. Now my legs are both just achey. I am glad today I was going to take the bus anyway, since I have a meeting at 10 I'm going to directly from home. Afterward, I will go look for a place to get a massage. I wish!
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Casting Game

OK, let's think of who could star...

LOS ANGELES, California (AP) -- The 1980s television series "Knight Rider" and its crime-busting, talking car are revving up for the big screen.

The drama starred David Hasselhoff as Michael Knight, owner of the high-tech Pontiac Trans Am known as K.I.T.T. The car's voice was supplied by William Daniels.

The film is planned as an action comedy, Daily Variety reported Monday.

This time, Hasselhoff will serve as executive producer for the Revolution Studios project, the trade paper said. Glen A. Larson, who created the TV show, is among the producers.

It's not yet known who will star in the film.

So who should it be? Also, will William Daniels still do the voice? And will it be the same kind of car? Or might they choose an SUV and get Ja Rule as KITT?
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Glenwood Park

Caleb just called me and a project he worked on last year that he did SO much work on, has just won a HUGE national award -- "best designed new neighborhood in the US or Canada", as named by the Congress for Neo-Urbanism! They had hundreds of submissions. Having seen the plans for the projects as they were developed and hearing about it from Caleb, I knew it was an awesome project with very quality standards (thanks for project funder, Mindspring-founder Charles Brewer) but WHOAH, this is a huge deal which I am sure to experience vicariously through Caleb's excitement and talk of all the interviews and articles that will be coming out of this! Check out http://www.glenwoodpark.com and see the thing!
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baby boom

so now not only is my supervisor pregnant, one of our lead developers (yes, a woman, woohoo!) is too... and the head of personnel is having twins (just found out)... and our dba's wife had a baby last week. (and on a related note, my friend amy is also 6 months pregnant.) fecundity has hit!
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Tech Support Bliss

Finally, after dealing with Palm's email and phone technical support quite a number of times (and doing a keyboard swap, which didn't help), I have finally solved the problem with my portable keyboard. Apparently some third party software disrupted the ability of the Palm to connect in the proper way, even with the driver, but they had me do a backup basically wipe everything but the basic Palm system off and then install the driver. It nows works and I can once again trot off and do my writing elsewhere. I must say, Palm really was great with their help. I got very good email support and then after three exchanges hadn't solved anything, they directed me to their phone support, who were extremely helpful both times I called. The first team's solution didn't work (the keyboard was never the issue, it seems) but they were very thorough with the troubleshooting, taking down all my information, and providing a solution. The guy tonight was outstanding, walking me through everything. Anyway, got to appreciate good tech support and customer service when you get it, don't you?
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