April 16th, 2003

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I am the cheapest date ever

OK, further proof that I am riciculously sensitive to alcohol, even though I *do* drink: I absolutely despise beer but I was poking in my fridge looking for *something* and saw this Bass Ale left over from my last party (somebody brought it) and decided to, er, give beer a try. Well, it's rather nasty and unappealing (though better than I remember) and even a friggin' 1/3 is making me unsteady. I mean, OK, are you supposed to feel *anything* after a 1/3 can of beer? I would think not, but I swear, 1/3 glass of wine'll tilt me and a whole glass is certainly enough to drunkify me. Two glasses and I'm a gigglefest. A few times I've gone beyond that but those were party or big meal type situations where the drinks are strung out. But still, jeez, it's pretty amusing. The other day at the picnic I had a bottle of hard cider and I was spun out on it for over an hour and I basically fell asleep on a bench. I guess this partially explains why my parents rarely ever drink.
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i am so fucking drunk. what the HELL?! this could be like a parlor trick or maybe a betting game for friends: how many thimblefuls before wendy passes out?

incidentally, storm and gabby are promising me they are going to me "get completely pissed" next month. i keep telling them the best part of it would be that they'll get to drink down all the stuff they intended for me 'cause i certainly won't be able to. gabby is making me some special cider with fruit in it. i hope it doesn't wipe my damn memory.

*looks at bottle, sees there is more left... ut oh!*
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